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Improving Outcomes for Autism Spectrum Disorder Patients

Our team focuses on the strengths of all children with autism spectrum disorders to help them lead successful and healthy lives.

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The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders (CASD) is a multidisciplinary team comprised of pediatric autism specialists, including clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, child and adolescent psychiatrists, developmental pediatricians, social workers and speech/language pathologists. These experts work together to provide the best possible care for autistic youth, and lead research to understand the underpinnings of autism and effective approaches to maximize autistic youth outcomes.
Private support plays an important role in furthering our ability to provide the best care to our patients and families. To learn about how you can make a direct, philanthropic impact on The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, please contact Morgan Milner at or 301-565-4275.

The Region’s Largest Autism Program

CASD is the largest multidisciplinary pediatric autism program in the Washington D.C., region. Our specialists understand the unique needs of children as their brains and bodies develop. We offer:

  • Evidence-based clinical care. Our experts lead national research studies on ASD with the goal of advancing assessment and treatment options. By studying autism’s genetic, neurocognitive, behavioral and social factors, we can identify and apply the most effective treatments for your child.
  • Education, support and advocacy. We provide the latest information about ASD to everyone from families and patients to school personnel, physicians and agencies. Resources include seminars, workshops, the CASD Chat newsletter, training and consultations. Sign up here to be added to our CASD Chat newsletter mailing list.

We collaborate with the following departments/specialties:

CASD's mission is to excel in care, advocacy, research and education. We accomplish this by:

  • Providing a quality health care experience for our patients and families through a coordinated program of state-of the-art clinical services
  • Improving health outcomes for children regionally, nationally and internationally by educating the next generation of clinicians in best practices for autism evaluation, diagnosis and treatment
  • Creating innovative solutions to pediatric health challenges by conducting research that includes and reflects the neuro-diverse population we serve

CASD works every day to optimize trajectories for autistic youth with the goal of successful transition into adulthood.

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To schedule a clinical appointment, please call 301-765-5432.

To participate in one of our research studies, please call 301-765-5425. 

Autism Spectrum Disorders Team

In This Section:

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Children who have difficulty with social communication and behavior are said to have an autism spectrum disorder (formerly known as a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD)). 


Children’s National sees children from the Washington, D.C., metropolitan region, across the nation and around the world who need the kind of specialized expertise and child-focused care we offer. No matter what your child needs, we can provide care that’s just right.

Meet the Team

Our providers represent medical and surgical specialties, family practice, and general pediatrics.

Professional Training Opportunities

Children’s National values the network of referring physicians and staff and offers resources for medical education and referring patients to Children’s National. 

Programs and Services

Pediatric specialists at Children’s National work closely to ensure an integrated approach to caring for each child and family.

Related Care Services

Pediatric specialists at Children’s National work closely to ensure an integrated approach to caring for each child and family.

Research Studies

The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders (CASD) conducts a variety of research studies, investigating the genetic, neurocognitive, behavioral, and social factors associated with autism. We are always seeking participants, including both children on the autism spectrum as well as typically developing peers.

Resources for Families

Children’s National offers resources for families to help answer questions and ease their experience.