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Infectious Disease

Contact number | 202-476-5051
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Our Division of Infectious Diseases is the major referral center for infectious disease in the Washington, D.C., area, helping thousands of patients each year, and actively promoting prevention through community outreach and education.

The Importance of Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Infectious diseases include any disease or illness caused by germs, such as bacteria and viruses. While you can take steps to prevent disease and infection through proper hygiene and other practices, children are often at an increased risk for certain conditions while their immune systems are still developing and simply because of exposure - kids being kids.

Because diagnosis and care for an infectious disease can be complex, it is important for your child to see a pediatric specialist who can accurately diagnose and treat your child's condition. Children's comprehensive services include care for children with infectious diseases and epidemiological tracking that, for contagious conditions, helps limit the spread of infection and prevent further outbreaks:


Many of the division's physicians - dually board certified in pediatrics and pediatric infectious disease - are involved in both teaching and research in infectious disease and epidemiology at Children's National and at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Public Health in Washington, D.C. Several faculty members also participate in government committees to assist in the development of national infectious disease guidelines.

Molly's Story

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia ALL

Molly dancing

Saved by a bone marrow donation from her brother, Davis, and strengthened by a personalized T-cell therapy post transplant, Molly’s life is back on track and she’s dancing again.

Molly's Story

Infectious Disease Team

  • Roberta DeBiasi

    Roberta L. DeBiasi
    Division Chief, Infectious Disease
    Investigator, Children's Research Institute

  • Rana Hamdy

    Rana Hamdy
    Infectious Disease Specialist
    Director, Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
    Investigator, Children's Research Institute

  • Benjamin Hanisch

    Benjamin Hanisch
    Infectious Disease Specialist
    Director, Transplant Infectious Disease Program
    Investigator, Children's Research Institute

  • Natella Rakhmanina

    Natella Rakhmanina
    Infectious Disease Specialist
    Director, Special Immunology Service
    Investigator, Children's Research Institute

  • Xiaoyan Song

    Xiaoyan Song
    Director, Infection Control/Epidemiology
    Investigator, Children's Research Institute

  • Bernhard Wiedermann

    Bernhard Wiedermann
    Infectious Disease Specialist
    Director, Fellowship Training Program

  • Yaphet Bryant

    Yaphet Bryant
    Psychologist, Special Immunology Service

  • No Photo

    Gretchen Cruz-Figueroa
    Psychologist, Special Immunology Service

  • Kathleen Ferrer

    Kathleen Ferrer
    Hospitalist and Infectious Disease Specialist, Special Immunology Service

  • Andrea Hahn

    Andrea Hahn
    Infectious Disease Specialist
    Investigator, Children's Research Institute

  • Nada Harik

    Nada Harik
    Infectious Disease Specialist
    Associate Director, Fellowship Training Program
    Investigator, Children's Research Institute

  • Barbara Jantausch

    Barbara Jantausch
    Infectious Disease Specialist

  • Adeline (Wei Li) Koay

    Wei Li Koay
    Infectious Disease Specialist
    Investigator, Children's Research Institute