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Special Programs and Services

Our patients, ranging from unborn babies to adults, receive expert and compassionate care at Children’s National Heart Institute. Here, the experienced hands of nationally renowned pediatric heart specialists care for thousands of patients every year

We use—and helped develop—the latest heart technology, including ventricular assist devices (VADs), fetal echocardiography, and advanced catheterization procedures. Our goal is not just a healthy heart, but a growing, thriving, healthy child.

Children’s National Heart Institute

Pediatric heart care is not one of the things we do. It’s the only thing we do. We are a dedicated center focused exclusively on diagnosing, treating, and managing heart disease in children. 
At the Heart Institute, our integrated program brings together specialists with expertise in the full spectrum of pediatric heart care. Our experts collaborate so your child receives the most comprehensive, effective care available.

Features of our heart care include:

  • Nationally renowned team: Some of the world’s leading experts in pediatric heart care are working right here at Children’s. Our center is a destination for children and families in the region, across the country, and around the world. Physicians on our team have subspecialties in fetal heart care, pediatric cardiac anesthesiology, cardiac surgery, and adult congenital heart disease.
  • Early intervention: Early detection is one of the cornerstones of our program. The earlier we identify a heart problem, the higher the chances for a successful treatment. Our fetal heart team identifies heart conditions in utero, so a care plan is in place before the child is even born.
  • Advanced heart therapies: We are at the forefront of pediatric cardiac care, using innovative techniques such as VADs for children, safer techniques for bypass, and a full range of cardiac surgery. In fact, we have one of the best success rates for cardiac surgery in the nation. We are also one of the few programs in the country to provide a specialized pediatric cardiac anesthesiology team, which is available to your child 24/7.
  • Family support: When a child has a heart condition, it affects the entire family. Our team, including child life specialists, offer the emotional support and resources parents and families need during this time.

Pediatric Heart Care: Services We Provide

Learn more about the specialized services we provide for our pediatric heart patients:

  • Cardiac Imaging: We perform thousands of imaging studies every year, including fetal echocardiographs. We are at the forefront of pediatric cardiac imaging technology, with sophisticated imaging suites such as our Interventional Cardiac MRI program, combining MRI technology with a catheterization lab. Learn more about Cardiac Imaging
  • Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Outcome (CANDO) Program: As we care for your child’s heart, we take steps to monitor and protect his or her cognitive development. This program ensures we identify any developmental issues at an early stage so we can take steps to manage them. Learn more about our Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Outcome Program
  • Cardiogenetics: We help families with known or suspected inherited heart diseases receive early detection and treatment. Learn more about our Cardiogenetics Program.
  • Prenatal Cardiology Program: Children diagnosed with heart conditions before they are born receive comprehensive, expert care from our fetal heart specialists. Learn more about our Prenatal Cardiology Program.
  • Advanced Cardiac Therapies and Heart Transplant Program: We use advanced heart therapies to care for babies and children with heart failure, including ventricular assist devices (VADs) and heart transplantation. Learn more about our Advanced Cardiac Therapies and Heart Transplant Program
  • Preventive Cardiology: We work with children and teenagers who may be at risk for heart disease. We help them take steps to lower their risk factors and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about Preventive Cardiology.
  • Washington Adult Congenital Heart (WACH) Program: Adults with congenital heart disease have unique heart care needs. Our program, in conjunction with Washington Hospital Center, helps your child transition seamlessly from pediatric to adult care. Learn more about the Washington Adult Congenital Heart program

Contact Us

To make an appointment with our experienced pediatric heart team, please call 202-476-2020.