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Understanding your child's condition is an important step on your treatment journey. Learn more about causes, symptoms and diagnosis for a variety of conditions, as well as unique treatments and research being performed at Children's National.

Differences in Sex Development

When a child's gender is in question at birth, because genitals may not appear clearly male or female, the child is said to have ambiguous genitalia.

Ectopic Ureter

When one of the ureters does not connect properly to the bladder and drains somewhere outside the bladder, this condition is called an ectopic ureter.

Horseshoe Kidney

Horseshoe kidney is when the two kidneys join (fuse) together at the bottom. Read more about this condition.


A hydrocele is fluid buildup in the thin pouch that holds the testes in the scrotum. Learn more about this condition.


Hypospadias is a problem where the opening of the urethra is not at the tip of the penis. Learn more about this condition.


A megaureter is a ureter that is much wider than normal. Learn more about this condition.


A micropenis is a penis that is smaller than normal. Learn more about this condition.

Neurogenic Bladder

Neurogenic bladder means the bladder doesn’t work normally because of nerve damage. Learn more about this condition.