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Bone Health Treatments

We understand that sometimes a chronic condition or trauma can undermine a child’s ability to be healthy and independent. Using a variety of treatments tailored to each unique child’s needs, we help him or her reach the highest level of physical wellness possible.

Your child’s treatment may include:

  • Nutrition counseling: Getting the right amount of vitamin D, protein, and calcium through food and supplements can prevent or improve many bone problems. We help you develop strategies to tailor your child’s nutrition in ways that will help him or her meet their bone health goals.
  • Exercise: Regular impact-loading exercise (like walking or jumping) is essential for natural bone building. We make recommendations for how to increase your child’s bone building activities and opportunities.
  • Physical therapy: If your child is not able to exercise, physical therapy can help him or her stay active. Learn more about rehabilitation medicine.
  • Counseling and support: Part of what makes our program special is the amount of time we spend with each patient. Our team of dedicated physicians, therapists, and advanced practice nurses delivers personalized treatments, encouragement, and practical tips to help your child build strong bones.
  • Medical therapies: Under the guidance of our endocrinology partners, we prescribe medications and supplements to treat disorders such as hypophosphatemic rickets.
  • Pamidronate or Zoledronate infusions: Our infusion program, led by a dedicated nurse practitioner, provides pamidronate and zoledronate infusion therapy in a state-of-the-art infusion center. This medication helps improve fragile bones by slowing or stopping the body from breaking down bone tissue. It works best when delivered directly into the blood stream.
  • Surgery: Sometimes surgery is the best option for treating bone issues. We coordinate your child’s surgery with multiple specialists to ensure that the rehabilitation process is as streamlined as possible.
  • Fracture care: Despite the best care and treatment, your child may still experience broken bones (fractures). Our orthopaedic trauma team stands ready to care for your child with dedicated fracture clinics throughout the Washington, DC area.

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