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Fragile X Syndrome is the most common genetic cause of intellectual disability. Our team of specialists can help you and your child learn how to manage the symptoms.


Fragile X syndrome (FMR1) is a genetic condition that can cause a range of learning and behavioral problems as well as physical issues, though these are usually less significant. Some children with Fragile X have mild learning disabilities, while others may have severe intellectual disability. Children with Fragile X often have some degree of behavioral and emotional problems, such as hyperactivity, anxiety and sensitivity to sensory stimulation, including noise and touch. It can affect both girls and boys, but the symptoms are usually more severe in boys.

Many families have been affected by Fragile X syndrome. Children’s National Health System can help you and your child learn how to manage the symptoms.

About Fragile X Clinic

The Fragile X Clinic at Children’s National provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment to individuals and families affected by Fragile X syndrome, the most common genetic cause of intellectual disability.

Children and adults in our program are seen by a team of specialists who help manage the effects of the disorder through educational interventions and community support.

Services Provided/Technology Offered

The Fragile X Clinic offers neurodevelopmental pediatrics, neurogenetics and genetic counseling, behavioral management, and speech language services on an ongoing basis. We can refer patients to relevant specialists such as occupational therapy, neuro-ophthalmology, or psychiatry, either within Children’s National Health System or to adult providers in the Washington, DC area.

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To request an appointment in the Fragile X Clinic, please contact the Neurogenetics Program at 202-476-2120.

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