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Children's National Heart Institute

Contact number | 202-476-2020
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World-Class Care and Expertise

Our pediatric cardiac care team is the largest in the Washington, D.C., region, performing more than 600 cardiac surgery procedures each year.

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The Children’s National Heart Institute provides specialized expertise across the full spectrum of congenital and acquired heart disease in children – from the most common to the most complex. In addition to general cardiac care, our renowned, multidisciplinary team offers state-of-the-art cardiac imaging and diagnostics, interventional cardiology and electrophysiology, heart surgery and cardiac intensive care. View our programs and services.

Choosing Children’s National for Heart Care

  • Surgical expertise. Our renowned pediatric cardiac surgeons conduct more than 600 cardiac procedures each year, and care for a range of cardiac anomalies from the very rare to the most common issues. We are also one of few programs in the United States that offers a team of anesthesiologists subspecialty trained and certified in pediatric cardiac anesthesiology. Learn more about our heart surgery outcomes.
  • Lifelong care. Children's National is home to 1 of only 40 Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA)-accredited programs in 25 states. Not only do we provide quality care for children with common and complex heart conditions, we provide specialized care for adult patients with congenital heart defects.
  • Prioritizing your child's development. The approach to cardiac care at Children’s National extends beyond traditional cardiac care to include a specialized focus on the developing brain and long-term neurodevelopmental outcomes with our Neuro-Cardiac Critical Care Program. Clinical care begins with a prenatal diagnosis in the Prenatal Cardiology Program and then continues through any needed surgical procedures.
  • Pioneering research. At Children’s National, we don’t just use advanced techniques and devices. We are actively involved in identifying and developing the next generation of procedures and technology, such as tiny pacemakers for infants, that will enable the safest and most effective care of children’s hearts.
  • Family-centered care. We work closely with you and your child throughout every step of the care process, in order to support the physical and emotional needs of your family during your child’s treatment journey. Our team, including child life specialists, social workers, chaplains and behavioral health experts, offers the emotional support and resources parents and families need during this time.

World Class Expertise

Thousands of families around the world seek care at Children’s National Heart Institute from our team of internationally-respected pediatric cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. When you come to Children’s National, you are getting a team that includes pediatric experts from more than 40 subspecialties, ensuring your child has the best possible care.

Founded by congenital heart disease and pulse oximetry expert Gerard Martin, M.D., the Heart Institute is currently led by first-class doctors, including:

  • Charles Berul, M.D., co-director of the Heart Institute and chief of the Division of Cardiology is a internationally respected leader in pediatric electrophysiology. He is recognized for his extensive clinical and research experience, and he has particular expertise in inherited heart rhythm abnormalities, pacemaker and defibrillator implantation and cardiac screenings for pediatric athletes. He leads a team of board-certified pediatric cardiologists who see patients throughout the metro area, which means access to the very best cardiac care for families when and where they need it.
  • Yves d'Udekem, M.D., Ph.D., chief of the Division of Cardiac Surgery and co-director of the Heart Institute is a world-renowned, pediatric cardiac surgeon. He is recognized for expertise in the most challenging procedures for newborns and children with complex congenital heart disease, including the repair of single ventricle anomalies. Dr. d'Udekem has additional expertise in valve repair, artificial hearts and other cardiac assist devices.
  • Ricardo Muñoz, M.D., chief of the Division of Cardiac Critical Care Medicine and co-director of the Heart Institute is a pioneer and innovator in the fields of cardiac critical care and telemedicine. He oversees the work of a multidisciplinary team, including critical care nurse practitioners and nurses, respiratory and physical therapists, nutritionists, social workers and pharmacists.


Encompassing Care


  • Our specialists are international leaders who have pioneered new tools and techniques used all over the world, like pulse oximetry, a test that saves newborns' lives.

  • We care for the brain in addition to the heart, so children not only survive, but also thrive. The Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Outcomes Program ensures the best possible neurological outcomes.

  • Performing more than 3,000 fetal echocardiograms annually, our Prenatal Cardiology Program is the largest program in the region.

  • We have the region’s first and only pediatric Cardiac ICU.
  • We treat the whole child, paying attention to both physical and emotional needs.

  • Parents are included as a key part of the care team and encouraged to participate in daily rounds with the medical team.

  • Dedicated social workers, child life specialists and case managers help ensure that families have the support they need.

Children’s National patients can receive common to complex care, including imaging and post-operative care, at many locations so parents can find one close to home. Some locations include:

Learn more about our cardiology locations.

Nadia’s Story


Nadia at home

Restrictive cardiomyopathy is a rare heart condition in which the heart muscles are too stiff and can’t relax to fill and pump the correct amount of blood to other parts of the body. For Nadia, this not only meant that her intestine function was compromised, causing nausea and vomiting, but her lungs also had to work in overdrive.

Nadia’s Story

Children's National Heart Institute Team

  • Charles Berul

    Charles Berul
    Division Chief, Cardiology
    Co-Director, Children's National Heart Institute

  • Craig Sable

    Craig Sable
    Associate Division Chief, Cardiology
    Director, Echocardiography

  • Annette Ansong, M.D.

    Annette Ansong
    Medical Director, Outpatient Cardiology

  • Jeffrey Becker

    Jeffrey Becker

  • Elizabeth Bettini

    Elizabeth Bettini
    Nurse Specialist

  • Kristen Burns

    Kristin Burns

  • Michael Bykhovsky

    Michael Bykhovsky
    Adult Congenital Cardiologist

  • Sarah Clauss

    Sarah Clauss
    Advanced Imaging Cardiologist

  • Susan Cummings

    Susan Cummings
    Advanced Imaging Cardiologist

  • Shriprasad Deshpande

    Shriprasad Deshpande
    Medical Director, Advanced Cardiac Therapies and Heart Transplant Program

  • Niti Dham

    Niti Dham
    Director, Cardio-Oncology Program
    Advanced Imaging Cardiologist
    Advanced Cardiac Therapies and Heart Transplant Cardiologist

  •  Mary Donofrio

    Mary Donofrio
    Medical Director, Prenatal Cardiology Program
    Co-Director, Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Outcome Program
    Advanced Imaging Cardiologist

  • Robin Doroshow

    Robin Doroshow

  • Tacy Downing, MD

    Tacy Downing
    Interventional Cardiologist
    Adult Congenital Cardiologist

  • Mary L. Falterman

    Mary Falterman

  • David Finkelstein

    David Finkelstein

  • Lowell Frank

    Lowell Frank
    Director, Cardiology Fellowship Training Program
    Advanced Imaging Cardiologist

  • Suma Goudar

    Suma Goudar
    Advanced Imaging Cardiologist

  • Ashraf Harahsheh

    Ashraf Harahsheh
    Director, Quality Outcomes in Cardiology
    Director, Kawasaki Disease Program
    Director, Cardiology Resident Education
    Medical Unit Director, Northern Virginia and Fredericksburg

  • Jared Hershenson

    Jared Hershenson
    Director, Cardiac Exercise and Rehabilitation

  • Ian Hovis

    Ian Hovis
    Medical Unit Director, HLK

  • Seiji Ito

    Seiji Ito
    Adult Congenital Cardiologist

  • Anitha John

    Anitha John
    Medical Director, Washington Adult Congenital Heart Program
    Adult Congenital Cardiologist

  • Joshua Kanter

    Joshua Kanter
    Medical Director, Interventional Cardiology
    Interventional Cardiologist

  • Jonathan Kaltman

    Jonathan Kaltman

  • Dr. Sairah Khan

    Sairah Khan
    Advanced Cardiac Therapies and Heart Transplant Cardiologist

  • Stephanie Lacey

    Stephanie Lacey
    Advanced Imaging Cardiologist

  • Linda Leatherbury

    Linda Leatherbury

  • Yue-Hin Loke

    Yue-Hin Loke
    Advanced Imaging Cardiologist

  • Gerard Martin

    Gerard Martin
    Cardiac Ambassador to Global Services

  • Jeffrey Moak

    Jeffrey Moak
    Director, Electrophysiology Program

  • Jai Nahar

    Jai Nahar

  • Jin Park

    Jin Park

  • Children's National Hospital

    Vasum Peiris
    Advanced Imaging Cardiologist

  • Dr. Sherwin

    Elizabeth Sherwin

  • Christopher Spurney

    Christopher Spurney
    Associate Director, Cardiology Fellowship Training Program

  • Ravi Vegulla

    Ravi Vegulla
    Advance Imaging Cardiologist

  • Yves d'Udekem

    Yves d'Udekem
    Division Chief, Cardiac Surgery
    Co-Director, Children's National Heart Institute

  • Manan Desai

    Manan Desai
    Director, VAD and Heart Transplant
    Cardiac Surgeon

  • Richard Jonas

    Richard Jonas
    Emeritus Chief, Cardiac Surgery
    Senior Investigator, Center for Neuroscience Research

  • Aybala Tongut

    Aybala Tongut
    Director, ECMO Program
    Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon

  • Can Yerebakan

    Can Yerebakan
    Associate Chief, Cardiac Surgery
    Director, HLHS Hybrid Program
    Director, Cardiovascular Surgery Fellowship Program

  • Ricardo Muñoz

    Ricardo Munoz
    Division Chief, Cardiac Critical Care Medicine
    Executive Director, Telemedicine
    Co-Director, Children's National Heart Institute

  • John Berger

    John Berger III
    Director, Pulmonary Hypertension Program
    Director, Cardiac ECMO

  • Dr. John Diddle

    John Diddle
    Director, Quality Outcomes in Cardiac Critical Care
    Cardiac Critical Care Specialist

  • Craig Futterman

    Craig Futterman
    Cardiac Critical Care Specialist

  • Alejandro Lopez_Magallon

    Alejandro Lopez-Magallon
    Medical Director, Telemedicine
    Cardiac Critical Care Specialist

  • Bao Puente

    Bao Puente
    Fellowship Program Director, Cardiac Critical Care Medicine
    Cardiac Critical Care Specialist

  • Michael Tsifansky

    Michael Tsifansky
    Medical Director, Advanced Lung Disease and Transplant Program
    Cardiac Critical Care Specialist

  • Gil Wernovsky

    Gil Wernovsky
    Cardiac Critical Care Specialist

  • Gregory Yurasek

    Gregory Yurasek
    Cardiac Critical Care Specialist

  • Nina Deutsch

    Nina Deutsch
    Associate Chief, Anesthesiology
    Associate Chief, Academic Affairs

  • Anna Brown

    Anna Brown

  • Daniela Perez Velasco

    Daniela Perez-Velasco
    Cardiac Anesthesiologist

  • Jacob Schick

    Jacob Schick
    Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant

  • Karen Thomson

    Karen Thomson
    Cardiac Anesthesiologist

  • Chinwe Unegbu

    Chinwe Unegbu
    Cardiac Anesthesiologist

  • Andrew Waberski

    Andrew Waberski
    Cardiac Anesthesiologist

  • Shiela Bostelman

    Shiela Bostelman
    Nurse Practitioner

  • Children's National Hospital

    Lauren Daniel
    Nurse Practitioner

  • Children's National Hospital

    Melissa Dazo
    Nurse Practitioner

  • Rebecca Freeman, PA

    Rebecca Freeman
    Physician Assistant

  • Children's National Hospital

    Stephanie Irizarry
    Nurse Practitioner

  • Melissa Jones

    Melissa Jones
    Director, Neurocardiac Critical Care

  • Laura Norris

    Laura Norris
    Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

  • Children's National Hospital

    Kathleen Reid
    Nurse Practitioner

  • Riley C

    Christine Riley
    Advance Practice Provider Team Lead
    Nurse Practitioner, Critical Care

  • Children's National Hospital

    Jennifer Rowe
    Nurse Practitioner

  • Lucy Burrell

    Lucy Burrell
    Nurse Manager, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

  • Charles Fleming

    Charles Fleming
    Nurse Navigator, Children's National Heart Institute

  • Children's National Hospital

    Justine Fortkiewicz
    Professional Practice Specialist, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

  • Children's National Hospital

    Martha Goldberg
    Clinical Instructor, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

  • Children's National Hospital

    Cara Pleau
    Clinical Instructor, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

  • Children's National Hospital

    Monique Powell
    Nurse Manager, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit