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“Effective treatment of children with DIPG is a challenge — we have failed despite 45 years of clinical research. If we find effective ways to treat these children, the findings could apply to other difficult cancers and have a large impact on the field.” - Dr. Javad Nazarian, Children’s Research Institute

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Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, often just called DIPG, is a neurologically devastating, and in most children, lethal pediatric cancer that develops in the structural tissue of the brainstem, without truly effective therapy.

There are more than 300 cases in the U.S. each year, but its relative rarity actually makes fighting DIPG more challenging. There is little federal research funding for the study of “rare pediatric” diseases, and many oncologists don’t have specialized experience with DIPG or its treatments.

Our DIPG Program: Why Children’s National

Children’s National is one of just a few hospitals with extensive  experience in treating DIPG patients, as well as an active research program innovating new, more promising therapies for DIPG.

As a part of our nationally recognized Brain Tumor Institute, our program provides your child access to:

  • Clinical trials and correlative studies, both exclusive to Children’s National and through  consortia of brain tumor programs at  leading children’s hospitals, united in the fight against DIPG.
  • Research on innovative therapies, including promising immunotherapies and the use of novel nucleic acid molecules identified and designed by our research team to attack DIPG mutations.
  • Individualized treatment plans focused on your child’s specific type of tumor.
  • A multidisciplinary team of specialists and researchers who are dedicated to finding a cure for DIPG.
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Resources for Families

We know DIPG takes a devastating toll not just on our young patients’ bodies, but on a child’s entire family.

At Children’s National, we offer many support programs and services for families.