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Pediatric Rhabdomyosarcoma

Key Points About Rhabdomyosarcoma in Children

  • Rhabdomyosarcoma is a rare type of cancer that starts in the cells that develop into skeletal muscle cells.
  • It can start almost anywhere in the body. The most common places are the head and neck; urinary and reproductive organs; arms and legs; and chest and belly.
  • Symptoms depend on the size of the tumor and where it is. A lump or swelling, pain, bleeding and trouble urinating or having bowel movements are some symptoms.
  • Tests include imaging studies and biopsy of the tumor.
  • Treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy, and sometimes radiation therapy.
  • Ongoing follow-up care during and after treatment is needed.
Children's Team

Children's Team


Locations that Treat this Condition

Locations that Treat this Condition

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