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Analyzing Serum Uncovers 21 Biomarkers Sensitive to Daily Corticosteroids

Using a Somascan proteomics assay – which simultaneously analyzes 1,129 proteins in a small volume of serum – a team led by Children’s National Health System researchers identified 21 biomarkers that respond to corticosteroids taken daily by children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and inflammatory bowel disease.

ABC News quotes Children's Zika Expert

Dorothy Bulas, MD, Center for Hospital-Based Specialties commented on research showing the devastating effects of Zika virus, beyond microcephaly.

Place Matters: Addressing the Needs of Children Living in Poverty

If you visualize public health as a swatch of fabric, the tight weave would contain various threads. Yank just a single thread, however, and you would tug at a wide assortment of health woes, including chronic diseases such as asthma, obesity, mental health challenges, and developmental delays. One critical, unifying thread is poverty.