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Pediatric Pain Medicine

Contact number | 202-476-3273

The Children's National Pediatric Pain Medicine Program is an interdisciplinary, research-based pain program for children's acute and long-term pain — one of only a few such programs in the United States and around the world. The Pain Medicine Program uses tried and true methods that are safe, but also works toward collecting data that will uncover better treatments that are safe and effective. 

Our experts work with the commitment and partnership of your child's family and your primary care doctor to successfully manage your child's pain long term, so it doesn't control your child or family.

Our Services

We treat the whole child, paying special attention to both their physical and emotional needs. Here are some of the additional services we provide for our patients:

Pain Medicine Care Complex

Our Pain Medicine Program is located in the Pain Medicine Care Complex, which improves and expands outpatient care for children who experience long-term pain. 

Most children referred to the Pediatric Pain Medicine Clinic within the Complex have:

  • Had pain that has lasted longer than four to six weeks
  • Failed standard treatment modalities
  • Significantly impaired quality of life

Pain is more than a physical injury. It has social, emotional and psychological implications that affect your child, your family and friends. 

Our personalized approach is tailored to each child's unique needs and is based on the latest, research-proven approaches to pain medicine. This includes standard therapies and some research-proven alternatives, including multi-sensory techniques that maximize the power of all five senses, focusing a child's attention on the senses less impacted by that pain (sight, sound, taste, smell) to distract and deflect. 

Our Pain Medicine Care Complex features: 

  • 6,675 sq. ft. of treatment space
  • State-of-the-art teleconference and telehealth technology that allows the Children's National pain medicine experts to help diagnose and treat families around the world
  • Semi-private infusion rooms designed to reduce stress on patients requiring infusions
  • Comfortable, non-threatening medical and psychological assessment rooms that help children feel more at ease during assessment and treatment

Pediatric Pain Medicine Team

  • Children's National Hospital

    Celeste Martin
    Director, Acute Pain Medicine
    Pain Medicine Specialist

  • Elisha Peterson

    Elisha Peterson
    Director, Chronic Pain
    Acute Pain Specialist

  • Kelsey Borner

    Kelsey Borner
    Psychologist for Chronic Pain

  • Ira Cohen

    Ira Cohen
    Acute Pain Specialist
    Acupuncture Specialist

  • Julia FInkel

    Julia Finkel
    Acute Pain Specialist, Sheikh Zayed Research Faculty

  • Angela Fletcher

    Angela Fletcher
    Psychologist for Chronic Pain

  • Laura Gray

    Laura Gray
    Psychologist for Chronic Pain

  • Yewande Johnson

    Yewande Johnson
    Acute Pain Specialist

  • Sophie Pestieau

    Sophie Pestieau
    Associate Chief, Clinical Affairs
    Medical Director, Center for Surgical Care
    Acute Pain Specialist

  • Sarah Reece-Stremtan

    Sarah Reece-Stremtan
    Acute Pain Specialist
    Acupuncture Specialist

  • Daniela Herrera

    Daniela Herrera
    Nurse Practitioner for Acute Pain

  • Mirini Kim

    Mirini Kim
    Nurse Practitioner

  • Michael Lotke

    Michael Lotke
    Assistant Director, Global Services
    Chronic Pain Specialist

  • Jeffrey Rabin

    Jeffrey Rabin
    Vice-Chair, Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
    Pediatric Rehabilitation Specialist
    Chronic Pain Specialist