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Fetal Medicine Institute

Contact number | 202-476-7409
Baby with a Stethoscope

Cutting Edge Care for Expectant Families

Moving quickly matters most when something isn't right with an unborn baby. The Fetal Medicine Institute gets diagnosis and treatment advances to families faster.

Our Services

Sometimes babies show signs of potential health risks even before they’re born. At Children’s National Hospital, the Fetal Medicine Institute provides the diagnosis, treatment and support you and your baby need. Through research, expertise, coordinated and advanced care, personalized treatment plans and more, the Fetal Medicine Institute is dedicated to helping your baby get the best possible start in life.

Our team – which includes top physicians in every specialty – can diagnose your baby and provide consultation with other specialists all in the same day. That way, we can create a treatment plan that’s just right for your family. We provide:

  • Innovative care for your unborn baby. Our groundbreaking research allows us to diagnose fetal conditions earlier. This helps your family get answers to important questions and start planning for your baby’s future needs.
  • Expertise. Adré du Plessis, MBChB, an international expert in normal and abnormal development of the fetal brain, leads our team of 50 experts in more than 19 pediatric specialties. We offer a level of experience few centers can match.
  • Fully coordinated care. Because all of our specialists are here in one location, we can arrange for you to meet with any specialists that you need in a single visit.
  • Personalized treatment plans. We provide you with a roadmap of detailed information, including multiple treatment options, to meet your baby’s needs.
  • Advanced neonatal care. From life-saving heart surgery to specialized critical care programs, we deliver advanced care starting the moment your baby is born.
  • Pioneering research. Along with providing the most advanced care to patients today, our expert team advances the field of fetal medicine and treatment for the future. Learn more about our Developing Brain Research Laboratory.

Our experts also work closely with you and your obstetrician or maternal-fetal medicine specialist to help you understand your baby’s condition. This helps make sure your baby has a seamless transition from the womb to receiving the best care after birth.

Emilee's Story

Diaphragmatic Hernia

emilee teaser

How ECMO helped Emilee not only survive, but thrive.

Emilee's Story

Fetal Medicine Institute Team

  • Adre duPlessis

    Adre Du Plessis
    Division Chief, Fetal and Transitional Medicine
    Director, Fetal Medicine Institute
    Director, Fetal Brain Program

  • Kate Cilli

    Kate Cilli
    Genetic Counselor

  • Anne Lawrence

    Anne Lawrence
    Genetic Counselor

  • Sarah Mulkey

    Sarah Mulkey
    Co-Director, Congenital Infection Program
    Director, Fetal and Neonatal Fellowship
    Fetal and Neonatal Neurologist

  • Lindsay Pesacreta

    Lindsay Pesacreta
    Nurse Practitioner

  • Roberta DeBiasi

    Roberta L. DeBiasi
    Division Chief, Infectious Diseases
    Co-Director, Congenital Zika Program
    Co-Director, Congenital Infection Program
    Investigator, Children's Research Institute

  • Veronica Gomez-Lobo

    Veronica Gomez-Lobo
    Director, Positive Reevaluation of Urogenital Differences (PROUD) Clinic
    Director, Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology
    Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecologist

  • Michael Guerrera

    Michael Guerrera
    Director, Comprehensive Hemostasis and Thrombosis Program

  • Robert Keating

    Robert Keating
    Division Chief, Neurosurgery

  • Hans Pohl

    Hans Pohl
    Chief, Division of Urology

  • Billie LouShort

    Billie Lou Short
    Division Chief, Neonatology

  • Jeffrey Becker

    Jeffrey Becker
    Medical Director, Outpatient Cardiology

  •  Mary Donofrio

    Mary Donofrio
    Director, Fetal Heart Program
    Co-Director, Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Outcome Program
    Advanced Imaging Cardiologist

  • Craig Sable

    Craig Sable
    Associate Division Chief, Cardiology
    Director, Echocardiography

  • John Myseros, MD, Neurosurgeon

    John Myseros
    Vice Chief, Neurosurgery

  • Sarah Clauss

    Sarah Clauss
    Advanced Imaging Cardiologist

  • Anita Krishnan

    Anita Krishnan
    Associate Director, Echocardiography
    Advanced Imaging Cardiologist

  • Suresh Magge

    Suresh Magge

  • Andrea Badillo

    Andrea Badillo

  • Anna Blask

    Anna Blask

  • Michael Boyajian

    Michael Boyajian
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

  • Dorothy Bulas

    Dorothy Bulas
    Division Chief, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology

  • Kim Chapman

    Kimberly Chapman
    Medical Geneticist

  • J Fraser

    Jamie Fraser
    Director, Myelin Disorders Program
    Director, Fetal Genetics Program
    Medical and Biochemical Geneticist

  • Philip Guzzetta

    Philip Guzzetta

  • Nadia Kalloo

    Naida Kalloo
    Medical Unit Director, Prince George's County Regional Outpatient Center, CNH
    Clinical Associate Professor, Urology and Pediatrics, CNH and George Washington University Hospital

  • Judyta Loomis

    Judyta Loomis

  • Ben Martin

    Benjamin Martin
    Associate Chief, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

  • An Massaro

    An Massaro
    Director, Residency Research
    Assistant Program Director, Pediatric Residency

  • Dr. Jonathan Murnick

    Jonathan Murnick

  • Matthew Oetgen

    Matthew Oetgen
    Division Chief, Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

  • Folasade Ogunlesi

    Folasade Ogunlesi

  • Albert Oh

    Albert Oh
    Director, Cleft and Craniofacial Program
    Director, Plastic Surgery Fellowship
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

  • Brian Reilly

    Brian Reilly
    Co-Director of the Cochlear Implant Program

  • Gary Rogers

    Gary Rogers
    Division Chief, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • Kenneth Rosenbaun

    Kenneth Rosenbaum
    Medical Geneticist

  • Dr. Eva Rubio

    Eva Rubio

  • Harry Rushton

    Harry Rushton Jr.
    Emeritus Chair and Faculty, Division of Urology | Urologist

  • Anthony Sandler

    Anthony Sandler
    Senior Vice President and Surgeon-in-Chief
    Joseph E. Robert Jr., Center for Surgical Care

  • Rahul Shah

    Rahul Shah
    Vice President
    Chief Quality and Safety Officer
    Acting CMIO

  • Laura Tosi

    Laura Tosi
    Director, Bone Health Program
    Orthopaedic Surgeon

  • Gilbert Vezina

    L Gilbert Vezina
    Director, Neuroradiology Program

  • Megan Young

    Megan Young
    Orthopaedic Surgeon