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General Concussion FAQs

Learn the answers to general concussion frequently asked questions explaining how you can treat and manage a concussion.

  • Are there different levels (grades) of concussions?
  • Can the child or adolescent still attend sports practices after a concussion, either to observer or participate?
  • The child or adolescent did not lose consciousness after a blow to the head. Does he or she have a concussion?
  • How do I know when the child/adolescent has fully recovered?
  • How is a concussion managed?
  • The child or athlete’s CT scan was normal. Does that mean he or she did not have a concussion?
  • If a parent or coach suspects a concussion, should the child/adolescent go to the Emergency Room or to go to their pediatrician?
  • What are other important facts to know?
  • What is the treatment for a concussion? What can I do to help my child/adolescent recover?
  • After a concussion, when can I expect the child/adolescent to be better?
  • When can the athlete come back to practice and games?
  • Why are concussions such a big deal now?
  • Why is early intervention important?