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Palforzia Treatment Flow Chart

Step 1: Pre-screening Medical Appointment and Consent

  • You’ll speak with your child's allergist about Palforzia treatment, review risks and benefits, and complete consent and the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy Program (REMS) patient enrollment. This is also when you start the process of insurance authorization.

Step 2: Pre-screening Psychology Appointment

  • You’ll speak with an allergy psychologist about your expectations for Palforzia and how to successfully fit Palforzia treatment into your child's daily life. This appointment can be completed via telehealth.

Step 3: Initial Dose Escalation

  • This is when your child will take their first supervised doses of Palforzia at the hospital. This procedure is a little bit like an oral food challenge and will include doses of Palforzia that increase in amount, followed by a period of observation. This appointment will take about 4 hours.

Step 4: First Up Dosing Appointment

  • This takes place within 4 days of your child’s initial dose escalation. It is when your child will take a supervised dose of Palforzia at the hospital. This appointment will take about 2.5 hours.

Step 5: Daily Palforzia Doses

  • For two weeks your child will take Palforzia doses at home. Your child will take the same dose every day.

Step 6: 11 Up Dosing Appointments

  • Every two weeks your child will take a slightly larger Palforzia dose under their allergist’s supervision. This appointment will take about 2 hours. Then you will go home and your child will take that Palforzia dose daily until their next up dosing appointment. Up dosing appointments end when your child reaches the maintenance Palforzia dose.

Step 7: Maintenance Dose Appointments

  • Your child will continue to take the maintenance dose daily. Every 3-6 months they will have an appointment with their allergist to check in about how treatment with Palforzia is going.