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Conditions and Treatments

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H. Pylori Infections

H. pylori is a spiral-shaped germ (bacteria). It attacks the stomach and the first part of the small intestine. Learn more about this condition.


A headache is pain or discomfort in one or more areas of the head or face. Learn more about this condition.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are small electronic or battery-operated devices that can amplify and change sound. They are used by people with hearing loss. Learn more about this treatment.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be categorized by many different types: sensorineural, conductive and mixed. Hearing loss can be congenital (present at birth) or acquired. Learn more about the types of hearing loss.

Hearing Tests

There are many different types of hearing tests that can be used to evaluate your child's hearing. Learn about the types of hearing tests used for children of different ages.

Heart Failure

Heart failure means your child's heart isn't able to pump as well as it should. Learn more about this condition.

Heart Murmurs

Murmurs are sounds made by blood circulating through the heart's chambers or valves, or through blood vessels near the heart. Learn more about this condition.

Heart Surgery

Our pediatric heart specialists have dedicated their careers to providing excellent heart care to patients with congenital heart defects and other cardiac conditions. Learn more about pediatric heart surgery.

Hemangioma and Vascular Malformations

Hemangiomas and vascular malformations are commonly known as “birthmarks.” They can be present at birth or appear in the first months of life.