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Conditions and Treatments

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Calcium and Bone Problems

Calcium plays an important role in several body functions, including muscle contractions, enzyme function, and nerve conduction. Learn more about calcium and bone problems in children.

Cancer Surgery

Our expert surgical oncology team provides the full spectrum of surgical treatment for children with cancer.

Cardiac Ablation

Cardiac ablation is a treatment for arrhythmias that destroys the area of the heart tissue that is causing the abnormal heart rhythm. Learn more about this treatment.

Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac catheterization is a specialized procedure in which a long, flexible tube (catheter) is inserted into a blood vessel (usually in the leg) and guided into the heart, allowing a close look at the structures inside.

Cardiac First Trimester Imaging

With new ultrasound equipment that has very high resolution and techniques such as transvaginal ultrasound, the heart may be imaged as early as 11-12 weeks gestation. Learn more about this procedure.

Cardiac Imaging

Learn more about different types of cardiac imaging procedures.

Cardiac MRI

Cardiac MRI is a noninvasive imaging procedure that uses magnetic technology, not radiation, to create detailed images of the heart. Learn more about this procedure.


Cardiomyopathy is any disease of the heart muscle in which the heart loses its ability to pump blood effectively.

Carpenter Syndrome

Carpenter syndrome is an extremely rare congenital (present at birth) disorder that causes abnormal growth of a baby’s skull, fingers, and toes. Learn more about the symptoms, causes and treatments for Carpenter syndrome.


A cataract is a clouding over the lens of the eye. Learn more about this condition.