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Cardiac Catheterization

Key Points about Cardiac Catheterization

  • Cardiac catheterization is a procedure in which a long, flexible tube (catheter) is put into a blood vessel. The doctor then guides the catheter into the heart to find and treat heart problems.
  • Your child might need a cardiac catheterization to diagnose a heart problem or to fix an already existing problem (such as a congenital heart defect); diagnostic and interventional catheterizations may also be performed.
  • The procedure is done in a cardiac catheterization (cath) lab in a hospital. Your child's doctor and a specially trained staff of nurses and technicians will be alongside your child throughout the process.
  • What is cardiac catheterization?
  • Why might my child need a cardiac catheterization?
  • What are the risks of cardiac catheterization?
  • How do I get my child ready for a cardiac catheterization?
  • What happens during cardiac catheterization?
  • What happens after cardiac catheterization?