Insurance and Billing FAQs

Thank you choosing for Children’s National Health System for your child’s healthcare needs. We understand navigating through financial matters associated with healthcare can be confusing. The following is a list of frequently asked questions related to billing and insurance.

Health insurance terms keywords

  • Point-of-Service Plan or Point-of-Service Option (POS)
  • What are carve outs?
  • What is a benefit package?
  • What is PSV?
  • What is a deductible?
  • What is coinsurance?
  • What is a co-payment?
  • What is a PPO?
  • What are definitions, benefits, limitations, and exclusions?
  • What is an HMO?
  • What is authorization/preauthorization?

Questions to ask your insurance provider

  • What types of services are generally covered by a group health insurance plan?
  • Does my surgery/hospital stay need preauthorization?
  • What if you have a pre-existing condition?

Questions to ask the hospital

  • If I have a question about my bill, who can I contact?
  • Why was my bill sent to the wrong insurance
  • Why do I receive two bills for each date of service?
  • Why do I receive a statement before the insurance has paid its portion?
  • What date of service does this bill cover
  • What if I cannot pay my bill in full at the time of service?
  • Why are my out-of-pocket expenses based on my outpatient benefits?
  • Why was my account placed with a collection agency before the hospital sent me a bill?