Children’s National Hospital is committed to the highest standards of excellence in training and mentoring the next generation of scientists and physician-investigators.

We offer a wide range of short and long-term academic training and specialty programs that provide opportunities for researchers and innovators across the scientific academic career ladder. In addition, we work with our community to promote engagement and programming in STEM K12 education. We are committed to the development of a diverse biomedical research workforce.

Academic Training and Specialty Programs

Medical Students & Residents

  • Research in Residency Program

    Given that research is a core part of its mission, Children’s National offers many unique research opportunities for pediatric residents and medical students. Whether providing a platform for an introductory research experience or supporting significant protected time for research during residency, the options within the Children’s Research in Residency Program (CHRRP) offer several paths to foster careers in academic pediatrics and pediatric subspecialties.

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    Given COVID-19 restrictions, 2021 program updates will be posted here when available.

Postdoctoral Trainees

  • Lab Opportunities

    The Children’s National Research Institute offers postdoctoral fellowships for those who recently received their degree, as well as opportunities for graduate students to work in one of the many laboratories  across the five research centers. Future biomedical scientists and innovators will gain a wide range of knowledge and expertise and develop a deep understanding of their primary research focus.

  • Career Opportunities

    Postdoctoral training programs are tailored to each individual, so each trainee has the opportunity to optimize their postdoc training experience. To search for current postdoctoral fellowship openings, please visit our careers page.

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    Given COVID-19 restrictions, 2021 program updates will be posted here when available.

Graduate Students

  • GWU Affiliation

    Faculty at Children’s National Research Institute hold appointments in several departments at George Washington University, whose graduate students may want to conduct their research at CNRI.

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    Given COVID-19 restrictions, 2021 program updates will be posted here when available.

High School & Undergraduate Students

  • Research Experience

    A variety of research experiences are available to both high school and undergraduate students allowing them to gain practical experience as they consider careers in medicine or biomedical research.

    Our research laboratories have opportunities for high school and undergraduate interns and students throughout the year. High school students need to be 15 years old and should be a rising junior or senior.

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    Given COVID-19 restrictions, 2021 program updates will be posted here when available.

Diversity in the lab

The rapid advancement of knowledge, insights and approaches through research can only be achieved through the commitment, excellence and dedication of a diverse group of researchers from all backgrounds. As a result of centuries of institutional racism, sexism, discrimination, as well as underlying biases in the treatment of individuals from underrepresented groups in the sciences, scientific progress has been hindered. We know that integrating diverse viewpoints and scientific ideas and perspectives enrich our research community and enhances our ability to attract and retain the world’s best researchers and staff, as well as create a productive work environment where we can all thrive. We, therefore, commit to creating and fostering an inclusive work environment that will support training, career development, pay equality and equitable work space regardless of color, ethnicity, gender, religion, country of origin, disability or sexual orientation.

Our Faculty

Diversity and Training Programs

We have a variety of biomedical research and clinical opportunities for pre-college, college and medical students, as well as residents, fellows and Children's National Hospital faculty.