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Resident Companies in Action: Acclinate

Acclinate co-founders Tiffany Whitlow and Del Smith.
Acclinate co-founders Tiffany Whitlow and Del Smith.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS @ Washington, DC presents a spotlight series where we interview CEOs and co-founders of JLABS resident companies. As we celebrate Black History Month, we are specifically taking a moment to recognize the black-owned companies that are making a difference in health outcomes.

We recently spoke with Tiffany Whitlow, co-founder of Acclinate, one of the next great breakthrough resident companies at Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS (“JLABS”), located in Washington, DC. Her company’s mission is to access and engage communities of color so they can make informed decisions about clinical trial research.

At the end of 2022, Acclinate announced its partnership with Trialbee, a platform that simplifies clinical trial management. This partnership aims to tackle the ongoing challenge of diversifying clinical trial research by leveraging Acclinate's trust framework and NOWINCLUDED community approach with Trialbee's platform.

Whitlow indicated that the life sciences community is gradually recognizing the significance of diversity in the decision-making process. While there have been some positive shifts in the development of medicines, clinical trial design, and the healthcare ecosystem, there is still work to be done to close the health equity gaps.

“If we can continue including those who have been historically underrepresented and excluded from all aspects of the life science space - from healthcare workforce to research for treatment options, we will see more patients who feel empowered and included because their voices and concerns are being heard by people who look like them and value them while impacting long-lasting change,” Whitlow said.

In 2023, Acclinate is focusing on growing and scaling its community and developing strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations. The company is also eager to expand its team with mission-aligned individuals. As a resident company of JLABS, Whitlow shared that being a part of JLABS has allowed Acclinate to be closer to the decision-making process regarding clinical trial diversity and benefit from the mentorship and expert guidance provided by JLABS.

Acclinate's experience as part of the JLABS family has been incredibly positive. The company has established relationships with other JLABS @ Washington, DC companies and has enjoyed networking opportunities and other events hosted by JLABS to engage with investors, legal and operational expertise that empowers the company to grow.

“It’s been these special moments where we’ve not only been able to share Acclinate’s mission, vision and accomplishments with the JLABS community, but we have also been able to learn so much from so many great organizations,” Whitlow said.

Acclinate is a resident company at Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS @ Washington, DC, which helps unleash the potential of innovators’ early scientific discoveries by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure (lab and offices), assigning a mentor to provide guidance, offering access to the investor community, and delivering training program to support startup executives. Interested in learning more? Connect with our team to discuss incubation, collaboration, or investment opportunities.

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