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Rastogi Lab

Our Research

The goal of the Pediatric Asthma Clinical and Translational Research Program in the Rastogi Lab is to investigate mechanisms that contribute to high asthma disease burden in urban children of African American and Hispanic ancestry. Our current focus is on obesity-related asthma since obese children with asthma are poorly responsive to currently available asthma medications, and have no effective treatment options. Our lab was among the first to identify non-atopic T helper 1 cell-mediated systemic inflammation in obese children with asthma which is mediated by metabolic dysregulation, including insulin resistance and dyslipidemia, and correlates with pulmonary function deficits. Having identified a novel role for RhoGTPase pathways in non-allergic immune responses in obesity-related asthma, the lab is currently researching the molecular mechanisms by which RhoGTPase activation leads to non allergic inflammation. We are also investigating the mechanisms linking metabolic dysregulation with nonallergic immune responses in obese children with asthma. In addition, we are investigating lung-specific mechanisms by which systemic, non allergic immune responses contribute to asthma.