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Multimodal Theranostic Nanoparticles


Researchers at Children's National Hospital have developed theranostic agents that combine several applications of multimodal imaging, diagnosing and delivering of therapeutic compositions all within a single platform.


Theranostics are agents that can combine a targeted therapy and diagnostic in a single platform (typically nanoparticles). They take advantage of the high capacity of nanoparticle platforms to ferry cargos such as imaging and therapeutic cargoes. The resulting nanoparticle-based platform is capable of offering individualized treatment options and monitoring methods for heterogenous diseases such as cancer.

Researchers have developed a Prussian blue nanoparticle-based theranostic platform that combines multimodal imaging and therapeutic agents directed at tumors. These theranostic nanoparticles are locally introduced into the body through intratumoral injection, and can be utilized for diagnostic applications with their imaging components. For therapeutic applications, they are subjected to a near infrared laser which enables the ablation of the tumor (photothermal therapy). The following are the advantages offered by this technology:

  1. Employs immune system to augment long-term response against tumor.
  2. Reduces the use of complicated or expensive imaging modalities such as MRI, X-ray or CT.
  3. Exhibits excellent safety profile.
  4. Targets cell-specific ligands.
  5. Allows for Customization with biomolecules (immunological adjuvants/ tumor-shrinking drugs).


  • Targeting, diagnostic and imaging applications: tumor detection and imaging
  • Therapeutic applications

Stage of Development

  • Preclinical studies ongoing.

Intellectual Property Status

  • Issued U.S. Patent, 9,561,183, “Prussian Blue-Inspired Constructs for Multimodal Imaging and Therapy” and a recently allowed Continuation application

This technology is available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing.

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