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Autopilot Video Laryngoscope for Successful Single-handed Intubation


Researchers at Children's National Hospital have created an automated video laryngoscope for endotracheal tube (ET) placement that allows operation of device with one hand and allowing the physician to simultaneously administer appropriate pressure on the larynx for successful intubation without relying on another individual to perform the entire procedure.


One of the greatest challengers for a healthcare practitioner is successful intubation of patients in respiratory distress. Intubation involves the introduction of a tube into the trachea/windpipe to facilitate ventilation. Laryngoscopes enable the opening of the mouth and throat to access the airways to facilitate intubation. Laryngoscopy typically requires a team of two individuals to perform multiple steps. Even the most experienced physicians find maneuvering the ET and the laryngoscope difficult in patients with head traumas, edema or obesity. This technology provides solutions to these problems by introducing automated placement of ET, reducing the need to have multiple persons. The following advantages highlight the merits of this beneficial device:

  1. Ease of use with single-handed operation.
  2. Reduced intubation time.
  3. Enhanced success rate of intubation.


  • Customized intubation devices for pediatric, youth and adults patients

Stage of Development

  • Ongoing clinical studies with phantom models
  • Planned clinical studies with cadavers

Intellectual Property Status

  • Pending International/PCT Patent Application, “System, Apparatus, Method for Image-Guided Laryngoscopy”

This technology is available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing.

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