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An Anchored Non-Spherical Obesity Balloon

SZ Medical Devices Prototyping

Key Personnel

  • Evan Nadler, MD
  • Kevin Cleary, PhD
  • Anthony Sandler, MD

Obesity has become the world’s most pressing healthcare issue, and the epidemic in the United States affects about 35 percent of the adult and 15 percent of the pediatric populations. While lifestyle modification and patient education are important components of any weight management program, they alone have failed to demonstrate consistent durable weight loss results. Thus, bariatric (weight loss) surgery has gained acceptance as the most likely intervention to provide significant and sustainable weight loss for patients once they are morbidly obese. Our goal is to create a special-purpose balloon that would expand inside the stomach to reduce the luminal volume, however unlike other balloons being evaluated, this balloon is firmly anchored to eliminate migration risk. Furthermore the device will be designed to emulate the currently used surgical technique, the sleeve gastrectomy. By inflating longitudinally along the greater curvature of the stomach, and by being anchored in place, the balloon may prevent food from interacting with the proposed metabolically active cells in the fundus of the stomach. In the Phase I effort proposed here, we will develop a proof of concept balloon and evaluate the balloon in a swine animal model.