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IGNITE: Optimization of Treatment Planning of Non-Invasive Therapy with MR-HIFU

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Magnetic resonance imaging-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (MR-HIFU) is an especially attractive modality for pediatric applications. Potential benefits of MR-HIFU include non-invasive treatment without ionizing radiation and precise image guidance that can be used to both plan and monitor treatments. While in clinical trials, certain aspects of the technology may be improved to broaden its applicability. Repositioning the patient is a time-consuming process that involves not only repositioning, but replanning of therapy. In addition, treatment following repositioning requires knowledge of the portion of the lesion that has already been treated, and thus it is computationally intensive and potentially prone to error.

To address this challenge, our group has designed an approach to patient positioning that relies on multimodal (any of the available: MRI/CT/US/PET) imaging data as well as physician input. The resulting patient position is optimized for target geometry and patient anatomy as well as the geometry of areas that are critically important to avoid, such as motor nerves. This approach has been optimized using retrospective analysis of patient data and evaluated using an imaging study of healthy volunteers. We will work closely with our industrial partners to integrate the results of this work into the next iteration of clinical MR-HIFU instruments.

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