Invention Disclosure Process

If you have an idea that you are considering taking forward, here is a guide to the process and where to find the necessary forms and resources. Please contact the Office of Innovation and Technology Commercialization (OITC) with any questions at any time during the process at

Evaluation Phase

Contact OITC at and introduce your idea using the Invention Disclosure Form.  A staff member will have an in-depth conversation with you about your idea and some of the key considerations that will be taken into account during the evaluation process. Some of these considerations are listed below and will eventually make up the business case, should the invention move forward. Consider the following areas of concern:

  1. Technical strength: This includes a product profile - What does it do? What are its components? Structure? - an evaluation of proprietary strength, technology durability, commercial readiness, and a definition of the unmet need the product is addressing
  2. Commercial strength: This includes an analysis of how product fits into the current marketplace, market size and characteristics, competitive landscape, and margin/profit potential
  3. Description of technical and business teams
  4. Any external factors that could impact success

Continue to refine the idea/innovation and begin to address key considerations listed above.

Build the business case in preparation for a potential meeting with the Intellectual Property Committee. At this point, a rigorous analysis of the invention will be performed and all components of the business case mentioned previously will need to be finalized. Additionally, potential sources of funding will be identified, and a patenting and development strategy will be developed.


If your project is to be brought forward it must be formally disclosed to Children's National. Internal disclosure must take place before external disclosure. OITC will help you determine a disclosure strategy and when it makes most sense for you to publicly disclose your invention.

Intellectual Property Committee (IPC) review

OITC is responsible for determining the commercialization path, if any, for each invention.  OITC will periodically report its decisions to the IPC.  In the event that OITC does not wish to proceed with the commercialization of an invention, the faculty member may appeal to the IPC to have rights to the invention released to the faculty member.  The faculty member may also request that commercialization decisions be discussed between the faculty member, OITC, and the IPC. 


If Children's National is interested in pursuing your invention, a law firm will be engaged to assist with preparing and filing the patent. OITC will help manage the filing process and commit funding to pay for legal fees.

A provisional patent application may be filed or other intellectual property protection may be established such as a trademark or copyright registration.

Potential strategic development partners will be identified and evaluated to aid in introducing the invention to the marketplace.

The OITC will work with the faculty member, on behalf of Children’s National, to determine if licensing to an existing corporate entity or forming a startup company is the best option to promote the commercial success of the invention.

If applicable, OITC will market the invention to industry and negotiate a license agreement or other contract.