Message from Future Chief Residents

future chief residents
Welcome and thanks for your interest in Children’s National! We can’t wait to tell you all about our program. We have loved our training experiences here as well as the opportunity to care for children in the DC metropolitan area. This program has afforded us the privilege to work with a diverse, dynamic patient population, to learn from world experts in a multitude of fields, and to find our voices as advocates for our patients and their families.

From as early as intern year, Children’s National residents tailor their training to meet their own professional goals. Three core residency tracks (Categorical, Community Health, and Primary Care), in addition to numerous pathways, allow residents to pursue specific interests throughout training. Additionally, the REACH program allows for protected research time longitudinally over the course of the residency program for all residents who are interested.

We feel that the high-volume setting, the caring clinical staff, and the outstanding faculty and fellows contribute to an unparalleled residency experience here at Children’s National. Graduates of our program take on a breadth of pursuits including primary care, subspecialty fellowships, graduate programs in fields such as nutrition and global health, and policy and advocacy work.

Most importantly, we are so proud to be a part of the resident family that has developed at Children’s National and continues to grow year after year. It is truly an honor to train alongside co-residents whom we trust, respect, and admire. On top of this, we get to live in DC and travel the surrounding areas for after work gatherings and weekend adventures. This is a fantastic place to train and live!

We’re eager to meet you and tell you more. Please feel free to contact any of us with questions!

Maureen Banigan, Kirsten Orloff, Gene Peir, Rebecca Shay
2017-2018 Chief Residents

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