Children's National Neonatal Nutrition Traineeship

Children's National Neonatal Nutrition Traineeship provides a unique teaching opportunity for registered dietitians nationwide. Neonatal nutrition support practice requires a high level of education and specialized training that is not readily available in current teaching programs. The teaching opportunity at Children's provides registered dietitians with skills and knowledge that will allow them to practice safely, efficiently and effectively in NICUs across the country.The program teaches participants to:

  • Assess growth and nutritional requirements of neonates by gestational age and birth weight
  • Evaluate appropriate enteral and parenteral nutrition initiation and advancement schemes
  • Assess micronutrient and macronutrient needs of neonates at different gestational ages
  • Adjust fluid, electrolyte and nutrition support regimes based on clinical status
  • Actively participate in making recommendations to the neonatal medical team and writing nutrition support orders
  • Identify metabolic complications associated with medications used in the NICU
  • Evaluate laboratory values as they relate to metabolic status
  • Evaluate ways to institute a neonatal nutrition support program in your facility
This five-day hands-on, interactive, multidisciplinary educational experience includes:
  • One-on-one education
  • Participation in medical rounds
  • Hands on assessment of patients and development of enteral and parenteral nutrition support regimes
  • Teaching modules with a qualified dietitian, physicians and ancillary staff
  • Attendance at neonatal nutrition support rounds and presentation of assigned patients
Learning Modules

Learning Modules

  • Assessment of the neonate
    • Growth
    • Clinical/Fluid/Nutrition/Electrolyte Status
    • Metabolic/Laboratory status
  • Assessment of nutrition needs
    • Fluid/Macronutrients/Macronutrients/Electrolytes
    • Macronutrients
  • Infant formulas
    • Indications for use
  • Enteral nutrition
    • Initiation and advancement regimes
    • Trophic feeds
    • Potential complications/Assessing tolerance
  • Parenteral nutrition
    • Nutrient requirements
    • Initiation and advancement regimes
    • Potential complications/Monitoring
  • Electrolyte management
  • Medications: Implications and complications
  • Disease states with nutrition support implications
    • Osteopenia/Gi anomalies/NEC/Cholestasis/SBS
  • Evaluation of literature
  • Development of a NICU Nutrition Support Program
Who should attend and Additional Information

Who should attend and Additional Information

Registered dieticians who have at least six months of pediatric, neonatal and/or nutrition support experience or new graduates who had a rotation in pediatrics/pediatric nutrition support during their internship.

Additional Information

  • Trainees will take a pre-test and post- test to establish competencies obtained during the traineeship
  • The American Dietetic Association approved this program 38 CEU’s for dietitians
  • The traineeship costs $1000.00 per trainee (discount may be available for Morrison employee) The cost includes five days of one-on-one training and a Neonatal Nutrition Support Handbook
  • A list of local hotels can be obtained upon request. Children’s is accessible via the Washington, DC, Metro system and limited parking is available at the hospital.

To schedule a session or for more information contact Carolyn Kusenda at

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