Our laboratory studies tumor-host interactions and the role in tumor formation of certain critical cell surface molecules, gangliosides. The goal of the laboratory led by Stephan Ladisch, MD, is to fully delineate their biological importance, as they are shed by tumor cells. Major research contributions (and areas of continuing investigation) include:

  • Discovery of tumor cell shedding of biologically active ganglioside molecules.
  • Identification and molecular characterization of novel tumor gangliosides.
  • Discovery of immunosuppressive properties of these molecules, mechanisms of action, and resulting suppression of anti-tumor immune responses in vivo.
  • Delineation of new mechanisms of cancer cell modulation of cell signaling (including angiogenic signaling) and effects on tumor progression.
  • Development of novel treatment strategies.

Overall, these findings have implications for the diagnosis and pathogenesis of neuroectodermal and other tumors, and are leading to the development of pharmacologic and molecular biological approaches to abrogate ganglioside synthesis and shedding, and consequently impede tumor formation and progression.

Representative publications:

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