Adjunct Professor of the Department of Odontoclinics at the Fluminense Federal University (FFU)

  • Study Location Principal Investigator, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, of the Zika Genetics Consortium
  • Professor of the Postgraduate Program in Dentistry (Ph.D. and M.S.C.D.) at FFU
  • Coordinator at the Research Area of Implantology at FFU
  • Dr. Casado holds a Ph.D. in Morphological Sciences from the Rio de Janeiro Federal University, where she studied peri-implant and periodontal diseases, bone loss and their genetic basis. She completed her postdoctoral studies researching the genetic basis of periodontitis, peri-implantitis, temporomandibular disorders and idiopathic ankylosis, taking into account the study of genetic polymorphisms, gene expression and microRNAs. Dr. Casado has experience in dentistry teaching, with emphasis in Implantology and Periodontology associated with genetic basis and is reviewer of various National and International Journals.