Professor of Genetics at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

  • Study Location Principal Investigator, Porto Alegre, Brazil, of the Zika Genetics Consortium
  • Member of the Steering Group for Microcephaly Epidemics, Brazil Ministry of Health
  • President of the Brazilian Society of Medical Genetics
  • Head of Medical Genetics Service, Hospital de Clinicals de Porto Alegre
  • Dr. Schuler-Faccini is a physician-scientist who has made fundamental contributions to the study of human development, having identified misoprostol as a human teratogen and identified the mechanism of thalidomide teratogenesis. She has been a leader in describing and characterizing the Zika virus pandemic from the very beginning, publishing a 2015 report that first suggested an association with microcephaly in MMWR. Dr. Schuler-Faccini contributes to the research study with recruitment and retention of study participants; supervision of collection, logging and shipments of samples; supervision of clinical data collection and managing and updating RedCap study information. Dr. Schuler-Faccini will also contribute to interpretation of whole genome sequencing results.