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Latest News

Minimally Invasive Surgery Brings Lasting Relief to Children With Pediatric Achalasia

Imagine the feeling of food stuck in your throat. For children with esophageal achalasia, that feeling is a constant truth: The muscles in the esophagus fail to function properly and the lower valve, or sphincter, of the esophagus controlling the flow of food into the stomach doesn’t relax enough to allow in food — causing a backup, heartburn, chest pain, and many other painful symptoms. For children, surgery is the best hope for permanent relief.

Place Matters: Addressing the Needs of Children Living in Poverty

If you visualize public health as a swatch of fabric, the tight weave would contain various threads. Yank just a single thread, however, and you would tug at a wide assortment of health woes, including chronic diseases such as asthma, obesity, mental health challenges, and developmental delays. One critical, unifying thread is poverty.

Finding New Ways to Fight Hemorrhagic Cystitis

Children diagnosed with cancer already face fear and uncertainty and - on top of these challenges - Children’s National Health System urologist Michael Hsieh, MD, PhD, says many patients contend with treatment side effects that nearly eclipse that of the cancer itself.