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Resources for Families

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  Common Asthma Triggers                     English
Asthma Triggers at School
Colds and Flu
Facts about the Flu and Asthma
 Allergies and Asthma   
Mold and Asthma
Pests and Asthma
Pets and Asthma
No Pets Sign
Safe Sleeping Zone
Smoking and Asthma
No Smoking Sign
HEPA Filter Information

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  Medication and Device Instructions  English
How to Use an Inhaler and Spacer
 How to Use an Inhaler and Spacer with Mask    
 How to Use a Diskus    
 How to Use a Twisthaler    
 Priming and Care of Devices    

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  Related Information  English
 Asthma: A Guide for Patients and Families  
 What is IMPACT DC?  
Asthma and Your Lungs
Family Goals for Managing Asthma
Asthma Action Plan
Anaphylaxis Action Plan
Tips and Reminders from your Clinic Visit

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