Pain Medicine Care Complex – Referral Guidelines

Children’s National Pediatric Pain Medicine Program is an interdisciplinary, research-based pain program for children’s acute and long-term pain—one of only a few such programs in the United States and around the world. The Pain Medicine Program uses tried and true methods that are safe, but also works toward collecting data that will uncover better treatments that are safe and effective.

Our Pain Medicine experts work with families and their physicians to help manage the pain so it doesn’t “control” the child or the family. This takes the multidisciplinary team at Children’s National working with the commitment and partnership of the child’s family and primary care doctor to successfully manage a child’s pain long term.

Most children seen in the Pediatric Pain Medicine Clinic are referred for pain that has lasted longer than 4 to 6 weeks and severely impacts the child’s quality of life, or for children for whom all standard treatments for pain have failed. Pain is more than a physical injury. Pain has social, emotional, and psychological impacts as well, and not just on the child experiencing the pain, but also on the family and friends around that child.

Our personalized approach is tailored to each child’s unique needs and is based on the latest, research-proven approaches to pain medicine. This includes standard therapies and some research-proven alternatives, including multi-sensory techniques that maximize the power of all five senses, focusing a child’s attention on the senses less impacted by that pain (sight, sound, taste, smell) to distract and deflect.

Learn more about the referral guidelines to Children’s National’s Pain Medicine Care Complex.