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Children's IQ Network

The Children’s IQ Network® is a health information exchange specifically designed for pediatrics. Healthcare delivery for children is unique given the significant impact of variation in patient size, developmental age, metabolism, and family structure on both health and illness. The Children’s IQ Network links the essential health information, such as physician visits, medications, allergies, problems, laboratory results, and immunization histories for children throughout the region.

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Participation in the Children’s IQ Network®

Participation is available on a voluntary basis to physicians who care for children in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Children’s National Medical Center is partnering with community pediatric practitioners and eClinicalWorks as the ambulatory electronic medical record (EMR) vendor. Community pediatric providers who join the Children’s IQ Network agree to share essential healthcare data within the larger region and participate in quality initiatives. Participating providers in turn receive a significant subsidization to the costs of a state-of-the-art highly-rated EMR to replace paper records and improve healthcare delivery.

Costs for EMRs

Costs for EMRs are significantly reduced through participation in the Children’s IQ Network. In additional to a sizable group discount, a portion of the EMR is subsidized by Children’s National. Practices remain responsible for the costs of practice management systems and office hardware. Providers who join the Children’s IQ Network may be eligible for additional incentives through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

In addition, with input from community pediatricians, a preferred hardware vendor has been selected. Through a rigorous negotiation process significant discounts and preferred service arrangements are available. For more information, contact Caroline Brozak, CIQN Clinician Liaison, 202-476-4409 or email at

The EMR Functionality allows the practicing physician to immediately access patient records electronically for improved care monitoring management; improve communication with specialty providers; and securely exchange essential health care data with other providers. With an EMR the documentation process allows the provider to achieve document legibility, elimination in redundancy, completeness and compliance in a rapid timeframe. Patient histories do not have to be solicited multiple times, and the patient’s visit is streamlined. Physician practices are able to deliver better continuity and coordination of patient care, and an improved bottom line while enhancing quality healthcare and outcomes for children around the region.

Children’s IQ Network pediatric practice was featured on NBC News: This segment features the first Children’s IQ Network practice to go live as well as Children’s National physicians, and highlights the benefits of EMRs.

Data Sharing for Participating Practices

Data Sharing for Participating Practices will include most essential information such as visit history, medications, allergies, immunizations, growth data, and lab results, so that other providers in the region may have access to this important information for care delivery. In addition, physicians will have the opportunity to be involved in EMR design enhancements, local and regional quality initiatives, research projects, important educational content, links to relevant pediatric sites, robust analytics and reporting and pediatric pay-for performance efforts. Security and privacy are of the utmost concern. Health data is stored in a remote hosted secure facility. Patient health information is protected under full Health Insurance and Portability Standards. Patients have the option of “opting out” of data sharing. This hub will be active in the future and will be the basis for data exchange.

How do I learn more?

Participation in Children’s IQ Network is open to any pediatric practice who is a Children’s National Health Network (CNHN) member. For more information on how to participate or in joining CNHN, contact Caroline Brozak, CIQN Clinician Liaison, or email at

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