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Finding a Path Forward for Isabel

Isabel had a rare form of cancer. Compassionate care and support at Children's National made it possible for her to get back to the things she loves — including bike riding, singing and going to Kindergarten.

Prenatal Heart Care Lets Kids Reach for the Stars

Mary Donofrio, M.D., has devoted her career to creating new possibilities for babies born with complicated heart conditions.

A “Double Miracle” Repairs Jocelyn’s Heart

Jocelyn is an energetic second grader who loves lacrosse and Girl Scouts. She has a bright future, thanks to two lifesaving heart surgeries nearly eight years apart at Children’s National Hospital.

Justin’s “Happy Place”

For years, Brainy Camps of Children’s National has been the bright spot of Justin’s summer. He has epilepsy, autism and ADHD. The program helps kids with a variety of conditions enjoy their vacation time and make new friends.

Giving All Families a Voice

Katherine Sierra grew up in an immigrant family, often helping her parents, who didn’t speak English, navigate language barriers. As a family services associate in the Clark Parent Child Network Community Core, she does the same thing for local families with babies and toddlers advocating for them and helping them find the resources they need.

Brainy Camps Mean Confidence and Fun for Keith

Brainy Camps of Children’s National Hospital helps kids with epilepsy, heart conditions, autism, ADHD and other conditions enjoy summer fun and new friends. For Keith, going to camp over the years has helped him be more confident and outgoing.

Early Mental Health Care Helps Families Stay on Track

Dr. Leandra Godoy is passionate about the power of mental health care for young patients. She says early interventions can help children and families lead healthier, happier lives.

Helping Maddie to Live Life to the Fullest

Maddie is a lively, creative teen who loves to act. Research at Children’s National Hospital helps to ensure that her rare disease doesn’t upstage her big theater plans or her love of life.

Healing a Child’s Brain

Dr. Elizabeth Wells is tackling one of neuroscience’s biggest challenges: immune disorders that attack the brain or central nervous system. The Neuro-Immunology Program at Children’s National Hospital advances diagnostics, care and research for kids facing these complex conditions.

Becoming a Pediatric Nurse — A Dream Come True

Maya Kidane had a dream in her heart as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland. She wanted to become a pediatric nurse. The Conway Nursing Pathway Program — created through philanthropy — made that dream a reality.

Open-Heart Surgeries Help Micah Defy the Odds

Micah was born with multiple heart defects and wasn’t expected to survive. She had three open-heart surgeries before her first birthday and is now a happy, lively middle-schooler.

Art Therapy Gets Miles Moving

Art therapy at Children’s National Cancer and Blood Disorders Center inspired 3-year-old Miles to get out of bed. He loved painting. This therapy also helped him rebuild strength and practice standing during his recovery, to get him home faster.

Sweet Sounds of a Brighter Future

A few weeks after Morgan was born, her dads learned that she was deaf. A life-changing procedure and expert care at Children’s National gave her the gift of hearing and opened a world of opportunities.

Whole Bear Care is About Easy Access to Mental Health Support

Our Whole Bear Care Integrated Behavioral Health Team provides children and families with access to mental health care in a “just across the hall” kind of way during routine general pediatrician visits. Dr. Nikita Rodrigues says this means more kids get the care and support they need to solve their problems faster.

Keeping Pryce Safe and Healthy

When Pryce was born, he arrived at Children’s National Hospital after an emergency at a local hospital meant it wasn’t safe for him there. Our care team kept him protected and healthy until his mom, recovering from a C-section, could join him.