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World-class family-focused care at our hospital changes lives.

Stories about our patients, families, nurses, physicians and other hospital staff illustrate the impact of generous philanthropic support and all that it makes possible.

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A “Double Miracle” Repairs Jocelyn’s Heart

Jocelyn is an energetic second grader who loves lacrosse and Girl Scouts. She has a bright future, thanks to two lifesaving heart surgeries nearly eight years apart at Children’s National Hospital.

Mental Health Support for Parents Helps Kids

Drs. Lamia Soghier and Lenore Jarvis believe that mental health care for parents makes for healthier children. Screening in our NICU and emergency department helps identify parents who need support and connects them to ready resources.

Early Mental Health Care Helps Families Stay on Track

Dr. Leandra Godoy is passionate about the power of mental health care for young patients. She says early interventions can help children and families lead healthier, happier lives.

Becoming a Pediatric Nurse — A Dream Come True

Maya Kidane had a dream in her heart as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland. She wanted to become a pediatric nurse. The Conway Nursing Pathway Program — created through philanthropy — made that dream a reality.

An Army of Care for Naoma

Naoma is a happy, curious baby. Care in our neonatal intensive care unit saved her life soon after birth.

Whole Bear Care is About Easy Access to Mental Health Support

Our Whole Bear Care Integrated Behavioral Health Team provides children and families with access to mental health care in a “just across the hall” kind of way during routine general pediatrician visits. Dr. Nikita Rodrigues says this means more kids get the care and support they need to solve their problems faster.

Our Tiny Miracle

Sebby weighed only 15 ounces at birth. Care at Children’s National helped him grow up to be a kid who is healthy, strong and loves the playground.

Canine Compassion for Kids

Sprout is the newest addition to the facility dog team at Children’s National Hospital. These calm, highly trained dogs spread joy and comfort to kids, families and staff. They also help with procedures and therapies to get kids back to being kids faster.

Helping Tatiana Reach for Gold

Tatiana is a star athlete pursuing her dreams, thanks in part to a doctor who always has her back.

Cutting-edge Care Offers Teddy Independence and a Brighter Future

For several years, Teddy’s epilepsy and severe seizures kept him from attending in-person school and hanging out at friends’ houses. Cutting-edge neurosurgery at Children’s National Hospital gave Teddy his life back and allowed him to achieve his biggest dream: getting his driver’s license.

Helping Thalia Soar

Thalia says she feels more comfortable being herself with care at our hospital’s Gender Development Program.

Care That Changed a Lifetime

When Tyler was born, he received complex, lifesaving surgery from Dr. Kurt Newman, now Children’s National President and CEO. Twenty-one more surgeries would follow. Tyler, now 32, says care from Dr. Newman and his team gave him a healthier, happy life.

Meeting Impossible Challenges, One Heartbeat at a Time

Dr. Yves d’Udekem leads innovative work at the Children’s National Heart Institute to solve the puzzles related to complex congenital heart conditions. He imagines solutions, tests them and brings them to life to make sure that “every baby and every family has the best care in the world.”

COVID-19 Can’t Stop our Family-Focused Care

Our hospital provides heartfelt, family-focused care even during the hardest times. When we combine our care with advancements in areas like telehealth, we can help families wherever they are.

Dogged Care

Chloe arrived at our hospital sick and scared. When she was well enough, visits from Barney, one of our facility dogs, made her feel a whole lot better.