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World-class family-focused care at our hospital changes lives.

Stories about our patients, families, nurses, physicians and other hospital staff illustrate the impact of generous philanthropic support and all that it makes possible.

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Delivering the Best Possible Start for Babies

Dr. Adré du Plessis is on a quest to help babies get the best possible start in life. The key to success: diagnosis and care at the earliest stage before they are born.

Telehealth Helps a Child Express Herself

LaShundra Collins Young is a speech-language pathologist with a knack for helping children express what she calls their hearts’ desires.

Helping Matt Manage Type 1 Diabetes

Matt was 10 when he came to our emergency department in life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis. Dr. Fran Cogen helped his family cope and enabled Matt to get back to the business of being a kid again.

Wes Finds Joy in the Art Room

Art therapy gives Wes and his family a break from his leukemia treatments.

Paris's Story

Paris forfeited her spot on the Columbia University track team and stopped going out in public. Her gastrointestinal illness worsened as she and her family searched for a diagnosis. Then, Paris met Dr. Marc Levitt, Chief of our Division of Colorectal & Pelvic Reconstruction. At her first appointment, he offered a lifechanging solution.

Healing Paris Healed Our Whole Family

Dr. Marc Levitt, our Chief of Colorectal & Pelvic Reconstruction, helped Nina's daughter, Paris, get her life back. That care also helped heal their entire family. 

Navigating Leukemia

Caoilinn, 20, loves to play soccer and beach volleyball, but a leukemia diagnosis sidelined her as a teen. A dedicated team at Children’s National Hospital and advanced T-cell therapy is helping her get back to the activities she loves.

Lifesaving Cardiac Surgery for Cannon

Cannon had surgery at our Heart Institute when he was four days old. Now he laughs, coos, cries and does all the things a healthy baby should.

Bear's Story

When three-day old Bear arrived at Children’s National with seizures, staff in our nationally ranked #1 newborn program cared for a family in crisis. Baby Bear was soon alert and breathing on his own. Today, he loves to run on the beach with his siblings.

Egypt's Story

Egypt Middleton is a Children’s National school nurse in Washington, DC. Some of her students experience abuse at home or have parents in jail. Others lack food and clean clothes. These kids often lash out. Egypt works with our care providers and coordinates school resources to find the care these children need and deserve.

Investing in Owen’s Success

Newborn Owen arrived at Children’s National Hospital lethargic and unresponsive. He had Cytomegalovirus, which resulted in a potentially-fatal infection that can cause hearing loss in infants. 

Helping Cari Fly like a Butterfly

Kasey’s late daughter Cari had severe asthma. Care at our hospital helped Cari get out and live life to the fullest before she passed away in 2016. She was 17. During the pandemic, Cari’s mother and sister made cloth masks to help keep families safe when visiting the children they love at the hospital.

Getting Reuben Back on Track

When Reuben, an active teenager, experienced four concussions within the span of two years, our Safe Concussion Outcome Recovery & Education (SCORE) Program safeguarded his health and empowered him to make the best choices when it came to his studies — and sports.

Going the Extra Mile for Kids with Diabetes

A social worker with a focus on endocrinology, Jennifer helps children with diabetes get free care, free medicine and diabetes supplies.

Grayson's Story

Grayson was born at 24 weeks. In his parent’s truck. During a blizzard. Our transport team partnered with regional officials and medical teams to bring Grayson to our NICU. His diagnosis was bleak. “Thanks to Children’s National, my little miracle baby made it through,” Grayson’s mom says.