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World-class family-focused care at our hospital changes lives.

Stories about our patients, families, nurses, physicians and other hospital staff illustrate the impact of generous philanthropic support and all that it makes possible.

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Nurse Kristen's Story

It’s no secret that it takes a special person to care for sick kids. Kristen Whewell, BSN, RN, CPN gives her all to care for our brave young patients. Along the way, she gets to see your generosity at work. She says she feels lucky to witness such amazing moments of hope and healing.

Rell's Story

Rell, a victim of gun violence, arrived in our trauma bay with nine gunshot wounds to his head, chest and abdomen. Read on for the amazing moment you helped make possible and see what happened next.

Reuben's Story

Strength had never been a problem for Reuben. The teen athlete was powerhouse. But when four concussions in a span of two years caught up with him, Reuben needed to summon a strength of spirit. Here’s how you helped…

Riley's Story

Cancer doesn’t stop for the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to you, Riley’s treatment didn’t either. And recently, his family got the best news possible...  

A Worried Mother's Story

Shannon has three children with special needs. Sometimes, making the trip to the hospital is impossible. But thanks to you, her kids can still get the care they need …

Sasha's Story

The promise of adopting a dog — combined with your generous support — gave Sasha the strength she needed to fight for her life. See why her story of strength is a love story!

Tatiana's Story

Tatiana, a young athlete, didn’t let being an amputee hold her back. But severe pain put her on the sidelines. Here’s how you gave her hope, strength and an amazing opportunity.

Taylor's Story

One year ago, the pandemic derailed this medical student’s plans to train in the clinic. See how Taylor responded by helping kids and families, and how you made it possible.

Tory's Story

Tory became sick with a life-threatening illness when she was just 2 years old. See why her mom says her team "gave her life back to her,” and what their care inspired her to do ...

Vinny's Story

When Courtney was 30 weeks pregnant, she went to her doctor for a routine prenatal appointment. She quickly realized something was wrong. 
The ultrasound tech called in a co-worker and then the doctor. The news was not good. They immediately referred Courtney to the Fetal Medicine Institute at Children’s National.


Brayden's Story

Upon initial assessment at Children’s National, Brayden was deemed a strong candidate for a new pediatric cancer study that would monitor tumor growth in lieu of formal treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy. 

Lily's Story

Lily Grace was born in China with half of a heart that was upside down, backwards, and on the wrong side of her chest. Though she was labeled “terminal,” the Rancourt family was committed to bringing her home to Virginia, and Children’s National was committed to saving her life.

Tess and Alexander’s Story

Twins Tess and Alexander had trouble moving their limbs due to cerebral palsy. Innovative treatment by Children’s National has given them and their parents a sense of relief and optimism.

Amanda's Story

A rare bone cancer struck Amanda when she was only 2. Now she’s thriving thanks to the intensive treatment she received at Children’s.

Bennett's Story

Bennett recovered from brain cancer as a 2-year-old thanks to the ability of Children’s National to apply its research to his treatment. Says his mom: “The research behind the care they’re able to give is the difference between surviving and not surviving for a lot of kids.”