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World-class family-focused care at our hospital changes lives.

Stories about our patients, families, nurses, physicians and other hospital staff illustrate the impact of generous philanthropic support and all that it makes possible.

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Amelia's Story

At 6 days old, Amelia was the sweetest baby. When she seemed unusually tired, her mom, Melissa, took her to the pediatrician. See why their next stop was Children’s National Hospital, and how you helped their family every step of the way.

Cate's Story

In April 2020, Cate had a seizure and needed help from our Emergency Department. Even among so many fears and unknowns about COVID-19, you made sure she got expert, compassionate care.

Catherine's Story

Catherine found out she had cancer at age 16. The busy teen wanted to do more than survive. She wanted to thrive. See how you helped her learn, dance, grow AND beat cancer...

Coby's Story

When 6-week-old Coby spiked a dangerously high fever, his mom Tamara knew there wasn’t a moment to lose. She leapt into action. See what happened next, and how YOU power the nation’s top-rated newborn care for babies like him.  

Constantine's Story

George and his twin brother Constantine were born prematurely, weighing barely more than 2 pounds each. Constantine needed lifesaving care and was rushed to Children's National, where doctors performed surgery that saved his life. Today, he's paying it forward...

Deanna's Story

Deanna suffered from chronic migraines for years. Finally, you helped ease the pain. See why she says her therapy makes her feel like she can “keep living.”

Hannah's Story

Your generosity is behind little Hannah’s Christmas miracle. Now, see how you inspired her to be “Hannah Claus” for sick kids! 

Justice's Story

When Justice was critically sick, his mom knew Children’s National was the best place for him. But she never expected to spend the holidays in the hospital. See how you gave them happy holidays …

Macie's Story

When Macie was born, her skin turned blue. Her heart wasn't pumping enough oxygen to her body. Macie's parents learned that their baby might not live, and if she did, she would likely suffer brain damage.

Maisie's Story

Baby Maisie needed surgery at 2 days old.  See how you help kids like Maisie beat the odds! 

Michael's Story

Michael was a young sports fan who loved nothing more than cheering for his favorite teams. But when he was a toddler, he was sidelined by a condition that paralyzed his vocal cords. Here’s how you proved to be his MVP.…



Nayeli's Story

When Liz tested positive for the Zika virus, she was four months pregnant. She feared the worst. Then she turned to Children’s National Hospital. From the Zika virus to COVID-19, here’s how you help our experts stay ahead of crisis… 

Noemi's Story

When doctors at a DC-area hospital diagnosed Noemi, a tiny preemie, with a life-threatening intestinal disease, Noemi’s parents worried they might lose her. Could expert pediatric care at Children’s National save her life?

Nurse Egypt's Story

As a Children’s School Services nurse, Egypt knows how to recognize a child’s mental health crisis. See how you and Egypt provide the expert care and compassion that help children cope.