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World-class family-focused care at our hospital changes lives.

Stories about our patients, families, nurses, physicians and other hospital staff illustrate the impact of generous philanthropic support and all that it makes possible.

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Zoe's Story

Art is a key part of Zoe’s cancer treatment, bringing both joy and distraction. When the pandemic hit, she was devastated to lose her regular art therapy sessions, says mom Brigitte. Telehealth enabled Zoe to continue from home. “The gift of technology put that pep back in her step,” Brigitte says.

Giving Rowan the Freedom to Enjoy Taco Tuesdays

Rowan is a third grader who, before the COVID-19 pandemic, loved to eat school lunches on Taco Tuesdays and Pizza Fridays. School lunch was a big deal. Until the fall of 2019, Rowan had to eat a packed lunch every day because her celiac disease requires a gluten-free diet.

Understanding the Developing Brain Leads to Healthier Babies

When she was pregnant with Immanuel, Alisha joined a research study exploring the impact of stress, anxiety and depression on babies in utero. She contributed to science and improved her mental health, which helped her bond with her son after he was born.

A Three-year Milestone for Bella

Soon after Bella was born, doctors discovered a rare brain disorder that causes constant seizures. A pioneering procedure developed by Children’s National Hospital stopped her seizures. Today, Bella is a healthy preschooler.

Leading World-Class Care for Babies with Brain Conditions

Neurologist Dr. Taeun Chang leads a diverse team of specialized pediatricians to uncover and treat brain irregularities in newborns. Their work has led to groundbreaking procedures offering hope and recovery for some of the toughest cases.

Heartfelt Care

Cardiac care from our hospital helps Eliott keep his heart healthy. Family-focused care changed life for his whole family.

Brain Tumor Research Helps Save Frederico’s Life

Frederico is 15 and loves school, reading and travel. Cancer research helped save his life after a devastating brain tumor diagnosis when he was 9.

Love and Light in the Healing Garden

Kala and Alfredo always wanted to get married with all three of their children present. A compassionate staff at Children’s National made that possible on a beautiful day in our Healing Garden.

Expert Care for a Heart Warrior

Jameson was born with a heart defect – and a special plan. His birth hospital immediately transferred him to our cardiac intensive care unit. Treatment allowed doctors to delay his surgery until he was older and stronger. “As terrified as we were, we knew were in good hands,” says mom Amanda. “They always listened to us, answered our many questions and put us at ease.”

An Army of Care for Naoma

Naoma is a happy, curious baby. Care in our neonatal intensive care unit saved her life soon after birth.

Helping Tatiana Reach for Gold

Tatiana is a star athlete pursuing her dreams, thanks in part to a doctor who always has her back.

Helping Thalia Soar

Thalia says she feels more comfortable being herself with care at our hospital’s Gender Development Program.

COVID-19 Can’t Stop our Family-Focused Care

Our hospital provides heartfelt, family-focused care even during the hardest times. When we combine our care with advancements in areas like telehealth, we can help families wherever they are.

Dogged Care

Chloe arrived at our hospital sick and scared. When she was well enough, visits from Barney, one of our facility dogs, made her feel a whole lot better.

Aasha’s Rare Gift Will Help Other Babies Grow up Healthy

A generous gift will give researchers at Children’s National a rare opportunity to study up close the fragile developing human brain.