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Amanda's Story

Braving bone cancer. An early detection, an energetic recovery

The Merrells stopped their Independence Day celebration: 2-year-old daughter Amanda had a worrisome bump on her leg. She was taken to Children’s National for a routine X-ray.

The follow-up call from the doctor wasn’t good news. Amanda had bone cancer.

Initially, she was thought to have osteosarcoma, but tests showed it was a much more rare and dangerous cancer: Ewing’s sarcoma. The treatment was grim. Amanda would not only have to endure chemotherapy, but she would need to have her leg amputated.

Amanda’s trips to the hospital are rare today. She’s doing well in school and living like other kids. Her prosthetic leg has never slowed her down. In fact, her family can barely keep up with her.

“I had cancer,” Amanda said. “Now, thanks to Children’s National, I have a really cool robot leg that helps me walk. Everyone in my class wishes they had a robot leg, too!”