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Tess and Alexander’s Story

Overcoming Cerebral Palsy. Innovative treatment today, potentially a cure tomorrow
Tess and Alexander

At first, nothing seemed wrong with their twins, Tess and Alexander. But by the time they were a year old, it was apparent to Danica and George Theodorakos that something was wrong. The diagnosis: cerebral palsy.

Determined to do whatever it took, they were relieved to find Children’s National.

“We felt we were in really good hands,” said George.

The twins had trouble controlling their limbs due to stiffness. Treatment included injections of Botox – a treatment that was a surprise to Danica but one that has worked well. “The long-term effects of this have been amazing,” she said. “We’re so glad we’ve had the chance to try this.”

George said he’s encouraged that his children are getting cutting-edge care:

“Every time we go into Children’s National for a routine checkup, we end up with whole new treatments, new devices to use, that really give me the reassurance that we’re on top of it, we’re attacking it, and making as much progress as we possibly can.

Beyond that is an appreciation for the care they receive. “Children’s is different because they care about the children,” Alexander said. “They’re not just about treating them.  They’re about taking their mind off it and making them feel happy, which is something very hard to do when you’re sick.”

The Theodorakos family is optimistic about their own future and the future for others with cerebral palsy. “I think eventually we’ll just keep getting better,” Tess said. “No one will notice it anymore.”

Added Alexander: “I have faith that if someone’s going to find the cure or find where the cure is, it’s going to be Children’s.”