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Nurse Egypt's Story

As a Children’s School Services nurse, Egypt knows how to recognize a child’s mental health crisis. See how you and Egypt provide the expert care and compassion that help children cope.
Nurse Egypt
One day, a child became destructive in the classroom and began verbally lashing out at his teacher and fellow students.

Egypt knew what to do. She understood that the child needed help. Both of his parents were in jail, and his home life left him feeling deeply troubled. She worked with the school social worker and psychologist to deescalate the situation.

Another day, when the child broke glass and became violent, it took an even bigger team to relieve the situation. 

“He was suffering,” Egypt explains. The child went by ambulance to the psychiatry and behavioral sciences unit at Children’s National Hospital. Hospital staff cared for him and helped family members understand the cause of his mental crisis - a family member had been sexually assaulting him at home. 

Care providers diagnosed him with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)  and separation anxiety. They created a recovery plan for home and school.

“Every school day I assess, triage and treat kids,” Egypt says. “Being on the school nurse team at Children’s National, I know I’m part of something great: care that makes a difference every day for children.”

So are YOU. Your generosity makes it all possible! 

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