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Michael's Story

Michael was a young sports fan who loved nothing more than cheering for his favorite teams. But when he was a toddler, he was sidelined by a condition that paralyzed his vocal cords. Here’s how you proved to be his MVP.… ​
150 Years Stronger Patient Story Michael

Michael and his family turned to Children’s National Hospital for help. They’d heard of the world-class care you make possible.

They met with otolaryngologist Dr. Diego Preciado, who has a reputation for tackling complex ear, nose and throat disorders with creative — and successful — plays.

“Dr. Preciado knew he could fix Michael’s problem from our first consultation,” says Ryan, Michael’s mom. “The surgery would not be fun, but in the end, he would be able to live a normal, healthy life.”

Dr. Preciado suggested reconstruction to expand Michael’s narrowed airway. The complicated surgery required collaboration among multiple specialists. But is also changed Michael’s life, making it easier for him to eat, talk and breathe.

Years later, Michael still visits for follow-ups. He and Dr. Preciado always find time to talk football. Ryan says the care the family received, especially from Dr. Preciado, saved them, like a game-winning touchdown.

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