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Increasing Access to Compassionate Care During the Pandemic

Hope Rhodes

Care providers at Children’s National Hospital knew of the family’s challenges. The father juggled work and care for his three children after their mother died. The COVID-19 pandemic complicated an already stressful situation. In August 2020, Dr. Hope Rhodes reached out to check on them through a telehealth visit.

“We set up the father to get his kids vaccinated on time. We also organized other social services, such as connecting him with the Children’s Law Center to get Internet access for the family. This meant his kids started school on time this fall,” says Dr. Rhodes, who has concentrated on treating children in communities with few resources during the past decade. “This was a huge relief for him. It’s how our hospital’s combination of care, connection and access helped support a family.”

Our focus on community has this kind of impact on many families who, even before the pandemic, lived in precarious circumstances, Dr. Rhodes says. “It’s about how we address overall health outcomes for families and their psychosocial well-being.”