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Discover the Art of Healing

A Flourishing Facility Dog Team

Sprout is a highly trained Labrador Retriever and the newest member of the Children’s National facility dog team. He and his fellow facility dogs, Company and Barney, help kids and families cope with the challenges of being in the hospital.

Sprout knows more than 50 commands. These include basic obedience, tricks and specialized interventions, such as “cover.” When Sprout hears that word, he’s usually already on a bed with a child undergoing anesthesia. He responds by using his body to apply comforting pressure. It helps the patient stay calm and still. When this clever canine is off duty, he loves swimming, puppy play dates and long walks with his favorite humans.

“Sprout is an easy-going snuggler who bonds quickly with children, families and staff. Becca Wagner, our Seacrest Studios Media Specialist, is his proud new mom.”

― Allison Proctor,
Animal Visitation and Pet Therapy Program

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