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Achieving Peak Performance

Motion capture technology in our innovative Sports Performance Training Lab is changing the game for young athletes. The lab, located in our Fight For Children Sports Medicine Center, uses 3D motion analysis.

Kids are able to improve sports performance and prevent injury through targeted treatment and training recommendations. Measurable results allow athletes to better understand the way their bodies move, reduce risk of injury and enhance performance.

“It’s an exciting, new technology that allows for more precise, more guided and more results-oriented rehab and performance enhancement,” says Dr. Matthew Oetgen, Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine at Children’s National. “It gets kids back on the field quicker, keeps them on the field and allows them to play to their highest potential.”

It’s just one way our experts are advancing pediatric sports medicine. The center, a one-stop resource made possible through a gift from DC-based Fight For Children, is changing how we care for and nurture young athletes. World-class clinical care and imaging, sports physical therapy, athletic training and motion capture technology in a state-of-the-art facility help them reach peak performance.

“It’s about instilling in them the confidence that they can get back and play sports again knowing we’re behind them,” says Dr. Oetgen.

Patients in under-resourced communities receive support for transportation to get to the center, medical equipment and access to our 3D motion analysis. Area schools, coaches, and teams benefit from resources and training.

With better resiliency, kids can keep moving on the field, in the classroom and into the future.

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