It’s not too late to Make March Matter! Donate now.

It’s not too late to Make March Matter! Donate now.


Why it Matters

When you Make March Matter, you help ensure that every child can receive exceptional care – regardless of illness, insurance or ability to pay.

Your contributions support:

  • Expertise: Since our founding 1870, we have focused solely on children. We’ve pioneered new treatments and therapies that save and improve lives
  • Innovation: We push the limits to bring effective care to children in our region, across the nation, and around the world.
  • Excellence in Care: We provide compassionate treatment, with equipment, facilities, specialists, and insights that are just right for children.

Donations help our doctors, nurses, researchers, and staff support children through:

  • Specialized equipment, facilities, and therapies that meet the unique needs of children.
  • Research that leads to innovative therapies, improved outcomes, and cures for deadly childhood diseases.
  • Community health programs, including wellness and diagnostic screenings, mobile vans, and public education efforts.

The Funding Gap

We rely on donors to help close the funding gap between the services we provide and the compensation we receive from other sources. This is because:

  • Government and other insurance carriers do not pay the total charges on the care delivered.
  • We care for families who do not have insurance or are unable to pay their bills.

These add up to a substantial gap. Each year we deliver about $71 million in uncompensated care.

The generosity of the individuals and organizations allows us to serve the thousands of children and families we see each year.