It’s not too late to Make March Matter! Donate now.

It’s not too late to Make March Matter! Donate now.


Why it Matters

Your Make March Matter fundraising will help provide world-class care for every child, from every background and walk of life, treated at Children’s National.

As a newborn, Alice needed brain surgery to insert a shunt to help drain excessive fluids in her brain caused by hydrocephaly. Six years later, Alice was rushed to the Children’s National emergency department with a life-threatening complication: meningitis was infecting the shunt in her brain.

Doctors worked quickly to stop the infection from spreading and performed emergency brain surgery to insert a temporary shunt. Weeks later, Alice had her third brain surgery to receive another permanent shunt.

“Her doctor was absolutely confident,” said Fabiana, Alice’s mom. “After explaining the steps of her surgery, he looked at me and said, ‘Don’t worry, mom. Alice is now my daughter, and I will take care of her.’”

Thanks to the exceptional care she received at Children’s National, Alice, now 8, is thriving once again. She loves singing, dancing, and acting, and hopes to become a pediatrician or veterinarian.

Join us today and Make March Matter for kids like Alice.