Make March Matter for kids like Lily Grace.

Make March Matter for kids like Lily Grace.



Why Make March Matter?

Because helping sick kids matters.

During the month of March, members of our community have an exciting opportunity to support their favorite businesses and Make March Matter for the 230,000 kids cared for by Children’s National each year.

Join this growing movement and support businesses that support Children’s National through Make March Matter. Together, we will raise $1 million to improve children’s health and to ensure every child, from every background and walk of life, can receive exceptional care, regardless of insurance of ability to pay.


Meet Lily Grace, one of the many kids who will feel the impact of your support.


Why Children’s National?

Children’s National is one of the nation’s top 10 children’s hospitals, and each year, Children’s National serves more than 230,000 children from Washington, Maryland, and Virginia. Your support of the Make March Matter campaign will help ensure that every child, from every background and every walk of life, can receive exceptional and compassionate care. 

Shop, Dine, or Donate to Help Sick Kids

This March, businesses throughout the greater Washington region are doing their part to Make March Matter for sick kids. Each generous business is offering a special way for you to support critical care and life-saving research for children who live near you.

Click here to see how you can shop, dine, and donate at participating businesses. 

Meet Our Partners

We’re grateful for our generous partners and their commitment to supporting pediatric care and research at Children’s National. Join the Make March Matter movement by shopping or dining with these partners during the month of March. Click here to see how you can shop, dine, and donate at participating businesses.




Contact Us

If you have any questions about the growing Make March Matter movement, please email us at

Children's National


“I just love kids. And I get to be a part of the process of helping kids get better, helping families transition to home life and helping them learn how to take care of these extremely complex kids, who a lot of people would be afraid to break, but these kids are actually the strongest people out there. They’re so strong. This job gives me perspective: It’s inspiring and incredible to see the strength of my patients and their families.”.Nurse Lilly Kawar has worked as an RN on the Heart and Kidney Unit for the past six years. Early in her nursing career, she lost a patient she had grown close to during a traumatic code, and for months afterwards questioned why she chose to work in nursing. After a lot of prayer, thought and reflection, Lilly decided to work in palliative care. “God told me that my job is to bridge the gap between life and death, between sickness and health, using traditional and integrative medicine.” Lilly participated in our PANDA Palliative Care Cubs program where she learned about resources, having difficult conversations with families, aromatherapy, Healing Touch and massage therapy. “As a nurse, I put everything into taking care of my patients - getting to know them and their families and anticipating their wants and needs, so that instead of them calling me at 3 a.m., I can be there at 2:45 with whatever they need.”.Thank you, Lilly, for the love, care and focus you put into making each day the best possible day for your patients, and for helping their families feel safe, comfortable and supported....#HeartMonth #PeopleofChildrens #hearthealth #hearthealthy #heart #kidney #cardiology #GROWUPSTRONGER #pediatrics #kids #kidshealth #palliativecare #PANDA