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More than $63 Million in uncompensated care, unpaid bills and medicaid shortfalls

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Donations from people like you make a measurable impact on children's lives.

Donations allow Children’s National to improve care and improve lives. Specifically, philanthropic support helps pioneer new treatments and therapies, fuels research to find cures to childhood diseases, and ensures that every child we care for can receive the same level of expert care. Our statistics – how many children we’ve treated, the value of our work in the community, and the number of families we reach throughout the world – only tell part of the story. The real impact of philanthropy is in the lives of children who have new hope for a healthy future.

Patient Success Stories


Bennett's Story

Bennett recovered from brain cancer as a 2-year-old thanks to the ability of Children’s National to apply its research to his treatment. Says his mom: “The research behind the care they’re able to give is the difference between surviving and not surviving for a lot of kids.”


Amanda's Story

A rare bone cancer struck Amanda when she was only 2. Now she’s thriving thanks to the intensive treatment she received at Children’s.

Tess and Alexander

Tess and Alexander’s Story

Twins Tess and Alexander had trouble moving their limbs due to cerebral palsy. Innovative treatment by Children’s National has given them and their parents a sense of relief and optimism.

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Your Dollars at Work

Jamison Eberstein

Race to the Finish Line for Kids Like Jamison

Grateful families like the Ebersteins participate in the Race for Every Child each year to show appreciation for Children's National and to help kids across the region grow up stronger. Read more about the Ebersteins and learn why you should join them at the 5th Annual Race for Every Child on October 21, 2017.

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How Funds Are Used

We use our funds in a way to benefit the most people possible by providing care to our broad community.

What's Happening at Children's National

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Child life Specialists, Angelika and Carol, spent time volunteering at Children’s National and other hospitals before joining our team full time. While volunteering, Angelika was known as the ‘baby whisperer’ and told us that “This is the best job ever; this is my dream job.” Carol agreed, saying, “It’s a dream come true being able to work here and help kids smile and play and be a part of that.” 🏩💛💐Before coming to Children’s, Angelika worked with children with traumatic backgrounds and that experience opened her eyes to how important it was to be part of the healing process for kids. For Carol, it was her goal to help kids understand that the hospital doesn’t have to be a scary place, and can even be fun! “I feel like a hero in a way, especially in the Healing Garden where we are able to incorporate therapeutic play, meditation, yoga and arts and crafts. It means so much to me to be a person of healing,” said Angelika.“I see myself as a healer,” agreed Carol, “helping kids with what they’re going through and trying to make them feel better, even though I’m not a doctor or nurse.” 🏩💛💐Thank you so much for all that you do to help our patients heal while they’re in the hospital, Angelika and Carol! We’re proud to have you as part of our #PeopleofChildrens family! #kidshealth #healthykids #healingkids #therapeuticplay #healinggarden #meditation #yoga #playtherapy #childlife

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“Kids don’t really have control anywhere else in the hospital, but they do in here. They can say what they want to do and what they don’t. Control is super important, and it’s really cool that we can give them that here. We don’t have access to their charts, we don’t typically know their diagnosis – we just get to meet them as kids, and that’s so special.” 🏩🎧🎙Brooks Looney (certified child life specialist) and Morgan Hall (studio manager) are the dynamic-duo that runs the Seacrest Studios at Children’s. Brooks knew she wanted to work with kids after working in Child Life at the hospital, and Morgan was a journalism major dreaming of becoming an anchor on Good Morning America. After a successful internship with Seacrest Studio in Ohio, Morgan realized that this job was made for her. “Coming in here every single day has changed my perspective. Everyone’s entitled to a bad day, but the second we step into those doors, we forget about everything we’re going through because we know what the kids are dealing with, what their families are dealing with – and to come in and to see those kids with smiles on their faces, just being kids, is the most rewarding feeling in the entire world.” 🏩🎧🎙Brooks and Morgan tearfully described the feeling of what it’s like to create a safe space for kids to share and express themselves. “We see kids when we don’t know what’s going to happen to them…but to see them get discharged after spending months here, and their hair’s grown back, and they’re taller, and they’re smiling from ear-to-ear, and they’re not the kid you saw a month ago – that gives us chills; it’s awesome. And that happens more often than not.” 🏩🎧🎙Thank you for enriching the minds, bodies and spirits of our patients and families! Whether it’s a kid who wants to get creative on the microphone, or a dad who wants to vent over coffee and then goes on-air to become, “DJ Dad,” Brooks and Morgan make our hospital a better place. Thank you both for all that you do! 🏩🎧🎙#peopleofchildrens #childrenshospital #seacreststudios #ryanfoundation #ryanseacrest #music #childrenshealth #childlife #kids #happykids #pediatrics #followfriday #tgif

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It’s been a while, but legacy videos are back! We love hearing from our former and current patients and this story is no exception. Allie has been coming to Children’s since she was just three years old, when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Thanks to Dr. Fran Cogen, she was able to #GROWUPSTRONGER and live a “normal” life despite what other doctors had told her. Click the link in our bio to see Allie’s full story!.#diabetes #type1 #type1diabetes #childrenshealth #healthykids #health #healthykids #kidshealth #inspirational #motivational #inspire #newyear

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