How Donations Help

Number of Surgeries


Uncompensated Care

$74 Million

More than $74 Million in uncompensated care, unpaid bills and medicaid shortfalls

Patient Visits


Community Benefit

$107 Million

Invested more than $107 million in community benefit (wellness programs, health programs, research, and community health)


100 Hospital and university partnerships in countries around the world

School nurses in 162 public and charter schools in Washington

— FISCAL YEAR 2016 —

Donations from people like you make a measurable impact on children's lives.

Donations allow Children’s National to improve care and improve lives. Specifically, philanthropic support helps pioneer new treatments and therapies, fuels research to find cures to childhood diseases, and ensures that every child we care for can receive the same level of expert care. Our statistics – how many children we’ve treated, the value of our work in the community, and the number of families we reach throughout the world – only tell part of the story. The real impact of philanthropy is in the lives of children who have new hope for a healthy future.

Patient Success Stories


Bennett's Story

Bennett recovered from brain cancer as a 2-year-old thanks to the ability of Children’s National to apply its research to his treatment. Says his mom: “The research behind the care they’re able to give is the difference between surviving and not surviving for a lot of kids.”

Tess and Alexander

Tess and Alexander’s Story

Twins Tess and Alexander had trouble moving their limbs due to cerebral palsy. Innovative treatment by Children’s National has given them and their parents a sense of relief and optimism.


Amanda's Story

A rare bone cancer struck Amanda when she was only 2. Now she’s thriving thanks to the intensive treatment she received at Children’s.

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Your Dollars at Work

First Lady Joins Donors and Families to Open Bunny Mellon Healing Garden

Children's National welcomed First Lady Melania Trump, donors, and other special guests on April 28 to officially open the Bunny Mellon Healing Garden dedicated to the First Ladies of the United States on April 28. See highlights, video, and photos.

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How Funds Are Used

We use our funds in a way to benefit the most people possible by providing care to our broad community.

What's Happening at Children's National

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Dr. Lanre Falusi has some advice for parents, heading into the weekend! Dr. Falusi encourages all #vaccine hesitant parents to keep an open dialogue with their child's physician, and encourages all physicians to welcome any and all questions and concerns from parents.#GROWUPSTRONGER #vaccine #childhealth

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Check out our rock star doctors who replicated the New Yorker’s #ILookLikeASurgeon cover. We love Drs. Pamela Mudd (ENT), Emily Blum (Urology), Kaelan Black (ENT) & Jacqueline Weinstein (ENT).#GROWUPSTRONGER #ent #urology #childhealth #pediatrics #surgery

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Zac Brown Band guitarist Coy Bowles wrote a children's book called 'When You're Feeling Sick' and the Hwostows were kind enough to bring us a few copies to add to our library. If you're on the 2nd floor, stop by to check it out!📚

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