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Give Stocks and Securities

Instructions for making a gift of securities to Children's Hospital Foundation of Children's National Health System

Click here to download the stock transfer instructions PDF.

Hancock Whitney Free Delivery InstructionsIf your broker is in possession of your securities: tell your broker the number of shares you wish to transfer to the Foundation and instruct them to contact Ms. Cynthia Averette at (225) 923-6290 or cynthia.averette@hancockwhitney.com.

You should provide the following instructions to your broker to have your gift delivered to the Foundation’s Gift Account.

Gifts of Stock:
Please ensure the donor's name and contact information is included in the transfer information for proper recognition by the Foundation.

DTC Eligible Securities
Bank of New York
Participant #901
F/B/O Hancock Whitney #279009 
F/C: 1140007060

Gifts of mutual funds:

Please include your account number (for reference); donor name; contact information for the donor, broker or fund company; fund name; fund ticker symbol; fund CUSIP; # of shares to be transferred (if available); where the transfer is coming from.

  • Children's Hospital Foundation, acct. #1140007060
  • Fidelity Investment Services W154857-01APR19
  • ACATS Eligible - Participant #656-394126
  • F/C: 1140007060Please do

Please do not tell your broker to sell the securities for the Foundation or to issue a new certificate in the Foundation’s name.

Valuation of your gift: The value of your gift of securities is the average between the high and the low quotations on the date that the gift is received in the Foundation’s account.

Our Federal Tax Identification Number: 52-1640402


The whole process starts on our side when we receive the above information from the donor so we can notify our back office of the impending transfer.

Once we have the above information, the donor will need the following information to effect the transfer to CHF’s account at Hancock Whitney.

  • Your account name and number (for reference)
    • Children’s Hospital Foundation (acct. #76-9749-01-1)
  • The donor will need delivery instructions
    • FIS Wealth Outsourcing
      • *ACATS Eligible - Participant #5409
      • F/B/O Hancock Whitney #74-2028-01-2
      • F/C: 61 – 769749011
  • The donor will also need contact info for the mutual fund department
      Phone: 920-497-5274
      Email: mftransfers@bmo.com
* The broker or the fund company will need to reach out to our Mutual Fund Department to get our fund account number prior to transfer. (This can only happen after we have received the information to prepare for the receipt on our side.)

Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions

Wire Transfers:(The entity initiating the transfer will need the following information)
Beneficiary:CNMC/ Children's Hospital Foundation
Beneficiary’s Address:
111 Michigan Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20010
Receiving Bank:Bank of America
Receiving Bank Address:
1800 K. Street, NW, 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20006
ABA/Routing Number:026009593
Swift Code:BOFAUS3N
Account Number:226005698916
OBI Field:(Please indicate donor’s name and designation)

Incoming instructions for Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Beneficiary Name:CNMC/ Children's National Medical Center
Beneficiary’s Account Number:226005698916
Receiving Bank:1800 K. Street, NW, 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20006
ABA/Routing Number: 054001204

If you are in possession of stock certificates, please contact Shelby Tudor at 301-565-8463 or via email at studor@childrensnational.org for special delivery instructions.

Gift Amount: