Give Stocks and Securities

Children’s Hospital Foundation holds an account with Capital One.

If your broker is in possession of your securities: tell your broker the number of shares you wish to transfer and instruct them to contact Ms. Cynthia Averette at (225) 663-3511.  Please include any special instructions for the use of your gift (only if it is to be restricted for a specific purpose other than the general use of Children’s Hospital).

You should provide the following instructions to your broker to have your gift delivered to the Foundation’s Gift Account:

DTC Eligible Securities

BMO Harris Bank N.A. / Trust
Participant #992
F/B/O Capital One, N.A. #74-2028-01-2
F/C: 61  769749011

Foreign Securities
The Bank of New York
Contact: BMO Harris Bank N.A 
Settlement Department
(414) 815-3847
F/B/O Capital One, N.A. #74-2028-01-2
F/C: 61 769749011

Please do not tell your broker to sell the securities for the Foundation or to issue a new certificate in the Foundation’s name. 

Valuation of your gift:  The value of your gift of securities is the average between the high and the low quotations on the date that the gift is received in the Foundation’s account.

Our Federal Tax Identification Number:  52-1640402

If you are in possession of stock certificates, please contact Tanika Harris at 301-565-8517 or via email for special delivery instructions.

Gift Amount: